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The European Space Agency and Russia intends to cooperate and develop the moon ESA fly you 3D print moon base ESA lunar base on satellite news in Moscow in September 21, the European Space Agency in the Russian representative office director Lienie · skin relic "satellite" in an interview with news agency said, "in addition to the European space agency Mars space creatures" (ExoMars) cooperation project, also plans to cooperate with Russia in the research and development on the moon. He said that if the European Space Agency in December 2016 at the ministerial meeting, the European Space Agency will cooperate with Russia in the development of the moon. Earlier, Sergei, deputy director of the Russian space agency, ·, said Saveri Lev, Russia will continue to follow the "Mars space creatures" cooperation model with the development of cooperation in Europe on the moon. Deputy director said, "our European partners of these projects are very interested, they expressed their willingness to participate. We are currently studying specific areas of cooperation." He is referring to the project in the implementation phase. In addition, the European Space Agency is studying the idea of a moon village, the project may absorb the participation of many countries, including russia. According to the idea, will carry out various tasks on the moon, and the moon village, the building will not only focus on one place. The European Space Agency’s project may be combined with the lunar -27 resource task, which is currently under study by the Russian space agency and the European Space agency.相关的主题文章: