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Travel-and-Leisure Visiting the Landmark Superdome on Your New Orleans Vacation New Orleans holds many landmarks and attractions for vacationers of all backgrounds and age. One such landmark is the New Orleans Superdome, also known as the Louisiana Superdome, Superdome, or The Dome. The Superdome was built in 1975 atop a 166,000-square-foot main arena, and a roof that covers almost 10 acres at a height of 27 stories. It is entitled as the largest fixed-domed structure on the planet for this reason. 72,003 fans for football, basketball and baseball games can be seated in the Superdome. In addition, it is also a famous location for large concerts and events like the New Orleans Essence Music Festival. Home to the NFLs New Orleans Saints, the Superdome has been the sites of many Sugar Bowls, several NCAA Final Four basketball tournaments, the BCS championship game, a record nine Super Bowls, and the 1998 Republican National Convention. The Dome has been chosen to host Super Bowl XLVII in February 2013 too!Tours of the Dome can be made freely if there are no scheduled events taking place. Secure your tickets to watch the New Orleans Saints in an action-packed season, or spend New Years in New Orleans and attend the Sugar Bowl, one of the best-known college bowl games. Dont miss the annual Bayou Classic in the fall held here, another Crescent City must-see event. New Orleans Vacations – The Voodoo Music Festival Visit The one thing that is a must to see while vacationing in New Orleans, Louisiana, is the Voodoo Music Festival that will definitely make your vacation more interesting. It was first started in the year 1999 and since then is growing tremendously in its appeals and enjoys being immensely popular all over the United States of America. There are around four hundred and fifty music artists from all around the world that annually attend the Voodoo Music Festival and perform much to the delight of the visitors. People are very fond of the Voodoo Music Festival and eagerly await the event every year which is why the attendance record till now stands at one million people which is huge. You will surely have a splendid time while attending the Voodoo Music Festival on your vacation in Louisiana as the event if filled with excitement and thrill. It is guaranteed that you will have amazing fun on the Voodoo Music Festival in Louisiana so you better make all the necessary arrangement on time. Making a Stop at The Treme Neighborhood on Your New Orleans Vacation While vacationing in New Orleans, a tour of all it neighborhoods is imperative!Following a tour of Faubourg Marigny, head out to the Treme Neighborhood. Also called as Faubourg Treme or Treme, Treme neighborhood, lies away from the Mississippi River, and is America’s oldest black neighborhood carrying a strong influence of African-American and Creole traditions. The neighborhood encompasses the varied accomplishments of the African-Americans to give an insight for both its locals and tourists. You can find many museums devoted to African-American life, art, and history, like the Armstrong Park, which is a memorial to the great jazz legend Louis Armstrong. The Backstreet Museum, Basin Street Station, Louisiana Museum of African American History, Saint Augustine Church, Louis Armstrong Park, Mahalia Jackson Theater of the Performing Arts, and New Orleans African American Museum are some places you should visit in Treme. Dining at Lil Dizzys for the legendary Creole soul food and jazz music, or the Willie Maes for a mouthwatering meal of fried chicken or smothered pork chops, loved by the locals and visitors will please your appetite. The Penelopes Bed & breakfast and Morose Row Bed & Breakfast are great places to stay at during your trip. New Orleans Vacations – Take a Swamp Tour You will never regret choosing New Orleans in Louisiana as a vacation destination as there is so much to do there that you and your loved ones will end up having the most fun time. There are so many attractions for you to experience that will enrich your learning and educate you to no end. For the best entertainment, you should definitely try to go on a swamp tour once in Louisiana. The fact that you will get to see so many varieties of species like Turtles, hawks, herons, alligators, Egbert, snakes, Cyprus trees and Nutria that you will be utterly fascinated. If you choose to book an organized tour then the Barataria tour will ensure that you visit the best swamps and marshes available in the New Orleans arena. You will not regret going on a swamp tour as it will turn out to be a truly awesome activity for you and you family. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: