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Eat too much pepper will hurt the stomach   stomach eat what food? – Shandong Channel – although the introduction of pepper into China less than 400 years, but the trend has been swept across the country to eat spicy food, including Sichuan, Chongqing, the most representative. Spicy and delicious taste is the biggest characteristic of Sichuan, the Chongqing delicacy. Whether on the streets and take food, spicy, or restaurant Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil, Sichuan is always immersed in the Double cooked pork slices, Chili oil, sprinkled with pepper, steaming. Hot and spicy stuff is a sign of sichuan. Eat too much pepper will hurt the stomach and Chongqing two provinces and the geographical conditions determine the hot and spicy stuff in the local diet status. Sichuan basin, humid climate, winter cold, and eat chili peppers contain capsaicin, can promote blood circulation, accelerate heartbeat, large pores, skin telangiectasia thicker, the cold and moisture on the body out, the body will feel warm. From a medical perspective, pepper has lower temperature gas, Kaiweixiaoshi, cold dispelling dehumidification effect. Pepper eat too much, the stomach will be hot, many people worry that it will not lead to gastrointestinal diseases. Data show that the incidence of esophageal cancer in Chengdu is 130 thousand and 910 per year, the incidence of gastric cancer was 198 thousand and 210, lower than the national average incidence. At present, no study has found that eating spicy food can cause damage to the gastric mucosa, and there is no correlation between gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. Pepper can promote blood circulation in the stomach, but has a protective effect. As long as the natural green pepper and pepper, on the health of the basic no adverse effects. But there are some unscrupulous traders in the market to add caustic soda in hot pot, taste will be particularly hot, which will induce a variety of digestive diseases. Other reasons for poor stomach: work stress, no time to eat, eat immediately after work or exercise, excessive drinking, excessive spicy food, often eat difficult to digest food. Stomach pain may have several factors, but most are caused by acid reflux. That is, to stay in the stomach of liquid reflux into the esophagus. These digestive juices contain chloric acid (hydrochloric acid), which is a corrosive substance used in industry to clean metals. Although the stomach has a protective film to protect against stomach acid, however. The esophagus lacks the protective layer. The most common cause of stomach is eating and drinking, but this is not the only reason. Some people do not overeat, but also suffer from stomach pain. In fact, stomach cramps and food does not matter, the vast majority of it is due to mental causes, anger, mental stress, stress and so may cause stomach cramps. The stomach is one of the most important digestive organs in our body. In normal condition, it should be to keep moving, and to send the food down. If it is not normal peristalsis, will hinder digestion and absorption, the excess gas accumulation, the formation of the stomach, this Chinese medicine called "dull". Anorexia delay, food cannot eat to the ground, real-time and was forced to stay in the intestines, stomach, any food will ferment semi processed form sour smell, smell, or breath, also have symptoms of bloating. The stomach is not good people usually have to pay attention to what the stomach stomach, the original draft)相关的主题文章: