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Careers-Employment Homecare and personal attendants are some of the most abused employees in the job sector. If you can spare 60 seconds this article will reveal what your employers do not want you to know when it .es to home care overtime pay. Although workers in California are protected under the California Overtime Law, some workers in the health industry do not receive overtime pay from their employers. Homecare workers provide their residents with daily activities like bathing, dressing, cleaning and cooking. The elderly, people with disabilities and their families rely on the assistance of homecare workers and personal assistants. Home care workers as well as personal attendants are known to work long hours at low pay, without health insurance and no overtime pay. A pending Supreme Court case in April may rule that employers will have to .pensate homecare workers with overtime pay. Prior to this court case, California became the first state to implement approvals for overtime pay in homecare. All though most employers do not pay homecare workers full overtime pay there have been some improvements. Workers wages in San Francisco have actually improved by approximately16 percent since the late 1990s. Even though there have been some improvements with pay rates, homecare workers and personal attendants are not currently fully protected under the California Labor Law Overtime. California and Homecare without Overtime Pay According to a California Case Study, by the Healthcare Industry, there is an increasing high-turnover rate among homecare workers for not receiving overtime pay. As a homecare worker and personal assistant, quality is of the most importance. Employees who work long overtime hours deserve overtime pay under the overtime law. Many advocates who are against workers not receiving overtime pay argue that homecare workers and personal attendants should be covered under the California Labor Law Overtime. According to experts, health and well being of its patients will improve once the courts step in and grant homecare workers overtime pay. Secret 1: Homecare workers who perform at least 20% or more of housekeeping and other related duties may be entitled to overtime pay. Secret 2: Homecare workers may not have to keep a time clock, or other time sheets to be entitled to overtime pay. Secret 3: Even if homecare workers are paid cash they are still entitled to California overtime pay, interest, penalties and their attorney fees under California Overtime Law. If you feel you are entitled to overtime, make sure to get a free consultation from a California Overtime Law attorney. By: Kathleen Armitage About the Author: 相关的主题文章: