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"Dad 4" "fresh" on-line mango TV Hunan Daily reporter   Chen Wei October 7th, parent-child variety show Daddy where the fourth quarter pilot film in mango TV on the line. Cai Guoqing Cai Xuanzheng and his son, Tian Liang Tian Chenyu (nicknamed little liangzai) and his son, Sha Yi Sha Junbo (nicknamed Anji) and his son, "Dad, Huang Zhilie, practice" Dong Li Zhang Lunshuo, "our adorable baby koala, Cui Yahan (nicknamed Arale), Li Yihang unveiled the 12 guests at the beginning, won praise. It is understood that "Dad where to go in the fourth quarter" pilot film premiere 4 hours playback volume exceeded 40 million, 12 hours of continuous real time occupied micro-blog hot search list first. The father and son all sorts of problems with live and practice dad and adorable baby figure amateur everyday, filled with affection, innocence, joy. This season, the father and son + practice father and son, the innovative model, so that the 6 father into a professional father and practice dad camp two. 3 children with professional dad too confident, the middle age of the old man is not God Cai Guoqing claimed his son when his father, said "I will coax him, he wants to know what" has been to show people the image of comedy; Sha Yi said "I was afraid of my son", although it is the first time to travel. But he felt good children "; and be nothing difficult in the first quarter" has accumulated sufficient experience of Tian Liang, claiming to be "old driver", before it is routine told his son: "mom say the wrong clothes collocation, clothes do not wear out dirty three days without change, the this season, not every day braids travel more easily. And the children of professional psychological advantage of dad who stay together morning and night full, Cai Guoqing quipped: "Dad Dad is copycat practice". But "fearless" and 3 student dad are obviously not aware of the hardships faced with the baby, audibles refused to yield, expected a lot of 90 daddy Dong force with baby tricks, also sent to the micro-blog users collect bedtime story, are maozuliaojin. Pilot in addition to the appearance of their fathers, adorable baby who also attracted the attention of the audience, little funny forced bear child, little princess, little warm man all together. Among them, the son of Sha Yi Anji fully inherited the father funny character, expression changed; a "northeast scum flavor" accent, and occasionally laughing from hi funny character, let out, claiming "there are two children" experience Sha Yi almost overwhelmed. This group of average age of only four or five years old Meng baby crazy together, people really like netizens said, the head is big". According to staff, the first trip, adorable baby who was familiar with after going trick, playing the "fall" of mayor Li Rui game, still not up on Li Rui. The group with the laughter of adorable baby daddy, "4" travel is the lack of innocence and joy. Dad and adorable baby full of challenges and fun to start a new journey. "Dad 4" warmth does not change, warm heart return, every Friday night at Mango TV.相关的主题文章: