Costume Jewellery Style Forecast For 201-winfast

UnCategorized As far as style and fashion is concerned, costume jewellery isn’t going anywhere in the near future. As a matter of fact it is significantly growing in popularity. Most people want a cost-effective way to stand out from the crowd, and costume jewellery is a perfect way to ac.plish this, especially since it can be found at such a reasonable cost. To stay in line with current fashion trends, try mixing bold pieces with those that are slightly more understated or subdued. However, big and bold is still a major trend in today’s fashion. People are wearing chunky attention grabbing necklaces. A lot of the favorites seem to be the beaded and heavy metal necklaces that hug the neckline with either a smooth or textured surface. Costume jewelry is no longer the same stuff that your Grandma used to wear to church. Some of the pieces you will find today would look just as stunning as any piece of fine jewelry sold in a specialty or department store. The best part of costume jewelry is the uniqueness and individuality of it. It is nice to know that everyone you know won’t be wearing the same piece you are. You can go to your social event with .plete confidence knowing that you will be the most dazzling woman in the room! The fashion forecasts are all saying that motif jewelry is going to be very hot for costume jewellery. This means you should look for coins, animals, flowers etc. The nature motif is going to be especially hot in 2011. This will be anything that you might see in nature, like shells or stones for instance. This style will give you a cool tribal look. Keep an eye out for anything African or Native American, as this is also going to be a popular look on the runways. The color reports for 2011 are in, and they are saying it’s all about exotic destinations. For example, coral hues, turquoise, golden yellow, magenta, russet, lavender and silver peony. Metallics and black are going to be .bined with these colors, and as usual the neutral pieces are still going to be in. You can look and feel as though you are on a vacation every day! Costume jewellery can do so much for a woman’s attitude and overall confidence level. When you feel good about yourself you will carry yourself in a more confident manner, and people will respond to that. Another great fashion trend of this year is that costume jewellery is starting to go green! Look for pieces made from such eco-friendly materials as wood, stone or bone. These natural pieces look great with neutral outfits that have a splash of color, such as a fire engine red belt, or even just a touch of shimmering green eye shadow. Have some fun with your adventures in shopping for costume jewellery this year. Remember to focus on making a statement and showcasing your own unique style. It’s shaping up to be a g.eous year! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: