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[color] arrangement of three passenger network 16302nd] [summary of recommended divination operator arrangement forecast three 2016302: 728 killed 3 arranged in three confidence bile 2016302 code recommended by experts: Busuanzi 16301 lottery results: 888 and 24, and tail 4, span 0, total, 16302nd period: the period of morphological analysis of the leopard and the value is 24, this period value and the value of a 17 drop, attention span: the period span of 0, nearly 7 of the span is -7-5-5-4-6-8-0, this period value 36 size: the period from full, this period value size parity: on stage out of the coupling, this period value even number code, I focus on the 2 A: on stage out of even number 8, from the analysis of the trend, 100 to a large code trend, good 156 thousand and 780: on the issue of even number 8, from the analysis of the trend, there are ten small No code trend, promising 01248: the period from even number 8, from the analysis of the trend, a bit to a large code trend, optimistic about the 26789 confidence Danma: 728647548 kill number: 3 [peony] arrangement forecast three 2016302: a two Danma 05 ranked three 16301 period award review 888, all I, full, and a value of 24, span 0222 Road, and full parity analysis: on a whole out of me, the even number strong attack, large size, odd number analysis of the hope that this period: on a full out, the recent large active period, the focus on large the number of accounts for 012 out of the 222: on a road, 012 were 0:0:3, 1 yards out qualitative analysis focus on this issue: on a full out, the recent number of performance is more stable, this time Note is expected to cover the prime Danma recommendation: 100: 490: 17: 05相关的主题文章: