Coconut Oil For Skin Care – Tips To Achieving Flawless Skin With Coconut Oil-darren hayes

Health How much have you been spending on skin care products all along? What if I tell you something much cheaper but yet can revitalize your skin even better than those chemical-laden skin care products, wouldn’t you want to try? In fact, thousands of people, after learning about the skin benefits of coconut oil, have already benefited from using coconut oil for skin care. So, basically, you’re not a guinea pig. And you’re not alone. However, despite the fact that coconut oil does provide natural skin benefits and give you an almost flawless, spotless and ageless skin, you do have to be aware on how to use coconut oil for skin care the correct way so as not to suffer any adverse effects that some people have experienced. Firstly, you should use virgin coconut oil for skin care. No refined and any other types except virgin type (aka extra-virgin). That’s because virgin oil doesn’t clog pores, but instead can effectively clear up the waste stuck in your pores. Refined oil will, by contrast, clog pores. Secondly, even though this healthful oil is hypoallergenic (low allergy-risk), you should start with rubbing a very small amount on the inside of your elbow area first to test for any allergic reaction, to be on the safe side. Most allergic reactions should respond within 24 hours. If after waiting a day and nothing happens, that means you can use coconut oil safely. Thirdly, it contains powerful anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-germ and anti-toxin properties. If you have massive toxins built up underneath the skin, the oil will purge them all out over the course of few days up to few weeks, depending on how much toxins over the years you’ve accumulated. This detoxifying response may trigger breakout (especially if you use coconut oil for acne treatment) which can drive you nuts. But believe me, stick with it as this is part of the healing process of coconut oil. You’ll be rewarded with a magnificent acne-free skin thereafter. For now, I think these are the 3 tips you should take note of when using coconut oil for skin care. Just remember this, apply a light coating over your skin and rub it well to help the penetration of oil into your skin. Too much can make your skin too greasy and oily. Too little won’t produce adequate effect. Exercise .mon sense and you’ll reap the best skin benefits out of coconut oil. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: