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Grading treatment into health care reform "the first priority" — Finance — original title: diagnosis and classification into health care reform "the first priority" in the "state of war", the hospital medical staff to maintain a high load working state, the long-term basic medical institutions at the same time, a deserted house…… Economic Information Daily reporters learned that, in order to reverse this pattern, grading clinics have been established as the first round of health care reform priorities and priorities. Wei Planning Commission has recently introduced many intensive grading clinics experience, around the expansion of restrictions on large hospitals, improve the level of health services and other aspects of the introduction of a series of measures, and will further promote. Wei Wei Planning Commission intensive promotion of hierarchical planning and diagnosis and treatment of typical Planning Commission recently held a news conference, the introduction of many medical reform experience. Conference content shows that the classification has become the focus of the current round of health care reform priorities and priorities, and the emergence of a number of typical examples and highlights in the practice of exploration. "Internet + medical" is the buzzword of the pharmaceutical industry in Sichuan province at present, with the Internet force, launched the "Da Jianyi platform, established two centers, build three systems" program, remote diagnosis, chronic disease management, have become the Internet with the starting point of the grading treatment. According to the Sichuan Provincial Planning Commission responsible person, "a platform" is the first in the country to build the "healthy Sichuan" service cloud platform, access to 350 hospitals, 70 million health records, import 40 million copies of NCMS archives, 90 more than a month to provide source. "Two centers" is the establishment of the Sichuan provincial internet medical management guidance center, West China Hospital, Sichuan University and the provincial people’s Hospital, the provincial internet medical center. The three system is to establish a record system, CA certification system and the patient’s real name reservation and medical record keeping system. Since September last year, the province’s online appointment registration and online payment of 4 million 953 thousand passengers, 1 million 796 thousand passengers, check the test results query 3 million 347 thousand people, remote consultation, imaging and ECG diagnosis of chronic disease management services to 827 thousand passengers, 132 thousand passengers. If the Internet can be a city, the province’s medical needs are integrated into a platform, then the medical conjoined hospital is an important way for the implementation of grading clinics. Shaanxi Province, Yanan City, Henan Province, in the county to become typical in this area. Yanan City General Hospital in Affiliated Hospital of Yan’an University, absorbed branch of the city and county public hospitals, the establishment of the Yanan medical group. Compared with 2014, the number of outpatient visits, the number of discharged patients and the number of surgical patients in general hospital in the year of 2015 were 12.9%, 6.52% and 10.3%, respectively. In the first quarter of 2016, outpatient visits decreased by 9.8% over the same period last year. Mou county in three county-level hospitals and 13 township hospitals were established, helping their counterparts in collaborative development of cooperative relations, build cooperation areas, establish two-way referral Easy Access, provide efficient referral services for patients. The township medical institutions referral to medical institutions at the county level with more than 13 thousand cases, county-level medical institutions under the transfer of patients in 3150 cases. In addition, the three quarter of this year, Wei Planning Commission in many research, the choice of Fujian, Xiamen, Jiangsu相关的主题文章: