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Application of   Chongqing International Marathon start; 500 new places – Chongqing charity window – 2017 Chongqing International Marathon in March 19, 2017 8 in nabinlu starting gun. In September 29th, the Municipal Sports Bureau held a news conference that the 2017 will be from today (30 days) from the open enrollment channels, the public can log on the official website of Chongqing International Marathon and the official WeChat public registration no.. According to the introduction, the scale of the 2017 Chongqing International Marathon is roughly the same as in previous years, with 30 thousand contestants. There are 8000 people in the whole process, 5000 people in the half, and 17000 people in the mini marathon. According to the rules, the age requirements of the marathon race are more than 20 years of age and 65 years of age, and the age requirements of the half participants are above 16 years of age and below 65 years of age. Different from the previous, the heavy horse citizens need to pay the registration fee in full when the name is predicted. Among them, the whole and half marathon registration fees are 150 yuan, the forecast time until October 30, 2016, after the heavy horse organizing committee will be unified Yaohao lottery, so that the game more fair and impartial, announced in November 1st the list of winners. In the absence of the winner, the organizing committee will refund the registration fee in full. The mini marathon will start the forecast in November 4, 2016, the registration fee is 80 yuan, the registration deadline is February 28, 2017. The 2017 horse Mini marathon will also add a couple marathon and parent child marathon. In addition, in order to ensure nearly 3 years in heavy horse and outstanding players to participate in the full and half marathon, all eligible, automatic identification registration system will be the elite group, these players are divided into the committee established in next year’s game. Since 2011, heavy horse has been successfully held 6 sessions, has become China approved and awarded Chinese athletics gold medal in the marathon race, the IAAF awarded International Silver Standard tournament. The organizing committee responsible person said, to play games during the 2017 horse brand influence, especially the establishment of registration 500 charity places, each quota of 1000 yuan, these funds will be in line with the principles of openness and transparency, for the orientation of public charity, with the intention of the public can also participate in a newspaper. It is worth mentioning that, sponsored by the Chongqing daily newspaper group of the 2017 Chongqing International Marathon Sports Health Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Ma Tibo") will be unveiled next year in Jiangnan sports center during the game. It is reported that 2017 Ma Tibo will be a total of 12 thousand square meters of exhibition area, set up 90 different booths, compared to this year doubled in size. The content of the exhibition involves sports brands, sports fashion, sports health, sports tourism, sports services and other aspects, when the public can go to the free tour experience. And this year is different, next year will add 2017 heavy horse Tibo heavy horse rock music festival, for the public and run friends to bring a feast of music. At the same time, new sports fashion show, 2017 summer sports equipment and sports new technology, T catwalk show. ) 重庆国际马拉松赛开始报名 新设500个慈善名额–重庆视窗–人民网   2017重庆国际马拉松赛将于2017年3月19日8时在南滨路发枪起跑。9月29日,市体育局召开新闻发布会称,2017重马将从今日(30日)起开启报名通道,市民可登录重庆国际马拉松赛官网和官方微信公众号进行报名。   据介绍,2017重庆国际马拉松赛的赛事规模与往年大体一致,参赛选手为3万人。其中全程设8000人,半程设5000人,迷你马拉松设17000人。   根据规则,全程马拉松参赛者年龄要求为20周岁以上、65周岁以下,半程参赛者年龄要求为16周岁以上、65周岁以下。   与往届不同的是,此次重马市民在预报名时需全额缴纳报名费用。其中,全程、半程马拉松赛报名费均为150元 人,预报名时间截止至2016年10月30日,之后重马组委会将进行统一摇号抽签,让比赛更加公平公正,11月1日公布中签名单。未中签者,组委会将全额退回报名费用。   迷你马拉松将于2016年11月4日起开始预报名,报名费为80元 人,报名截止时间为2017年2月28日。2017重马迷你马拉松还将增设情侣马拉松和亲子马拉松。   此外,为保证近3年参加过重马且成绩优秀的选手能够继续参加全程、半程马拉松,凡达符合条件者,报名系统将自动识别,将这些选手划分到组委会设立的精英组参与明年的比赛。   从2011年至今,重马已成功举办6届,成为中国田协批准和授予的中国马拉松金牌赛事,国际田联授予的国际银标赛事。组委会负责人表示,为发挥赛事的品牌影响力,2017重马报名期间特别设立了500个慈善名额,每个名额1000元,这些善款将本着公开透明的原则,定向用于公益慈善事业,有意向的市民也可参与报名。   值得一提的是,由重庆日报报业集团主办的2017重庆国际马拉松赛体育健康产业博览会(以下简称“重马体博会”)也将在明年比赛期间亮相江南体育中心。   据悉,2017重马体博会共有1.2万平方米的展场面积,设置了90个不同展位,相比今年规模扩大了一倍。展出内容涉及体育品牌、体育时尚、体育健康、体育旅游、体育服务等多个方面,届时市民可前往免费参观体验。   与今年不同的是,明年重马体博会期间将新增2017重马摇滚音乐节,为市民及跑友们带来一场音乐盛宴。同时,还新增体育时尚秀,发布2017夏季最新款体育装备及体育新科技,进行T台走秀。(记者 刘蓟奕) (责编:盖纯、张?)相关的主题文章: