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China still has no Western academic apprenticeship can well explain the "China rise" – Sohu culture channel the Philosophy Department of East China Normal University professor Gao Ruiquan Gao Ruiquan Chinese: the academic community has not well explain the rise of Chinese Gao Ruiquan first quoted jurist Feng Qi words, think now the world has entered the era of global contention of a hundred schools of thought "". He proposed that in such an era, China wants to have a cultural and ideological impact on the Chinese economy, mainly in the "we can" China experience "to make a good idea to enhance". Compared to the "China mode", high ruiquan more willing to summarize the changing China society with "Chinese experience and achievements. In his view, model and normative meaning mode, can become the model for the later generations to comment. Since twentieth Century, China’s great changes, China’s experience of the rich, there is a strong social expectations. Gao Ruiquan felt that this expectation requires their generation of scholars in the reflection of the Chinese experience, the concept of ascension, to rise to the theoretical level. But for "China rise" interpretation, China ride in the earth are a variety of western theories or in the West as a paradigm of the exotic. "The only consensus among Chinese academics is that China’s rise is good, and there is no convincing explanation." Although in recent decades, China has made considerable progress in the humanities and Social Sciences, but compared with the richness of the Chinese experience, Gao Ruiquan believes that China’s academic achievements can not match. In order to make the concept of "Chinese experience" to enhance the concept, Gao said, must face three challenges. The first is the face of the transfer of the paradigm of the throes of history. In Gao Ruiquan’s view, at the turn of nineteen and twentieth Century, the progress of history instead of the cycle of history and retrogression of history, no doubt contributed to the rise of china. But today, the "single line progressive history increasingly exposed its limitations and defects, in the explanation of the complex historical phenomenon, will be stretched, and often with the western center on color, therefore such as American Sinologist Cohen as" in Chinese history found "the multicultural history of popular. However, Gao Ruiquan also noted that the concept of multiculturalism in the full respect for the cultural independence of individual personality, but also exposed to universal rejection. Therefore, he suggested that "on the basis of the recognition of cultural diversity, we must make the necessary amendments to the theory of progress." The second challenge is China and the west. This means how we look at the world, how to look at the world in China, how to see the rise of China for the meaning of the changing world. But the problem is, "we don’t know enough about the world". In our understanding of the United States, for example, Gao Ruiquan believes that our understanding of the United States and the degree of understanding of Chinese history of the American Sinologist, there is still a big gap. Finally, the academic activities need to be extended "rationality argument". The modern society needs to develop the tool and the value theory, but in the process of the modernization of China, the rational expansion of the tool has already hurt the value rationality"相关的主题文章: