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China University of Petroleum (Beijing) Karamay campus opening education — September 6th, China University of Petroleum (Beijing) Karamay campus in Yingbin Road Campus held opening ceremony. Vice Minister of the Ministry of education, Party members Zhu Zhiwen, vice chairman of the the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Party committee, Erkin I. Niyaz,? Secretary of the Karamay Municipal Committee, municipal people’s Congress, Party Secretary of the Xinjiang Oil Field Co, deputy general manager Chen Xin, China University of Petroleum (Beijing) President Zhang Laibin together for the opening of school campus. In this year’s school season, China University of Petroleum Karamay campus for the first time for the national enrollment, ushered in the first batch of 461 freshmen across the country.   President Zhang Laibin said in a speech, the establishment and opening of the Karamay campus, is an important symbol of the school building high level university in the new starting point, is also an important embodiment of the school to better serve Xinjiang, local service, is of great significance to milepost type, will go down in history of higher education development in Xinjiang and the China University of Petroleum. The stone will in accordance with the "one school is divided into two zones, two belonged to a school layout, through the strategy, promote the complementary leveraging two campus collaborative development, petroleum and petrochemical fields together to build a world-class research university; in accordance with the" high level, application type, internationalization "concept, the Karamay campus construction has become a reform in our country the higher engineering education demonstration base, make a positive contribution to the service" The Belt and Road "construction and the national energy development strategy. China University of Petroleum (Beijing) Karamay campus is the first landing in Xinjiang Xinjiang 211 universities directly under the Ministry of education, 2015 10 menstrual approved the establishment of the Ministry of education, relying on Karamay petrochemical production, learning and research foundation to carry out the cultivation of high level talents.   ((Intern), commissioning editor: Chen Lin Xiong Xu)相关的主题文章: