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"China relation" the audience into a sense of   praise reality theme textbooks — Shandong channel — original title: "China relation" have been praised the audience into a sense of reality theme "relationship" Chinese textbook drama "Chinese stills relationship" after the broadcast, the viewing rate is high in the city of CSM52, and CSM35 two ratings data, are among the best, and frequently topped the ratings of the crown, discuss the "guanxi" China also formed flood on the Internet, whether ordinary viewers or critics, media people, all of the "Chinese thermal multi-faceted relationship" launched a deeper discussion. Different from ordinary domestic drama, "Chinese relation" in addition to show the human society’s "human and God, and not deliberately avoid some gaps in real life, the true and bloody side appear naked in front of the audience, both men and women, marriage, career, relationship, friends or interests, have relating to, can be said to be a long realistic themes of good works. A true reflection of social reality, the audience will have a "China type" relationship into a sense of leadership "and" interests "and" partnership "," relationship "," family ties "these five kinds of life have the most significant impact on the relationship between the deep and meticulous description and characterization, rather Chinese characteristics the story with intriguing plot, let the audience have experience in humor and laughter, whether ordinary users or critics, media people, have opened the social reality according to the plot Chinese corner by their real feelings, to start hot on the" Chinese relation ". It can be said that the actor Ma Guoliang (Chen Jianbin ornaments) and actress Jiang Yinan (MAI? Ornaments) at the beginning of the aura of discord, is the collision between China type relationship with western thinking, a man put a tactful manner, starting from a green hand, come straight to the point, the character making contradictions and humor the audience will, between the two hilarious and very profound story of relish. In addition to the male and female between the wonderful scenes, Ma Guoliang from the "middle crisis" to the "new man" growth path, is also a major part of the drama. Ma Guoliang from within the system outside the system to be brave to go out of business, from the hard work, appears to be a midlife crisis, is also a journey of self seeking. In this process, Ma Guoliang has experienced a middle-aged Mengsui baptism, but by virtue of tenacity and inviolable moral principles in the commercial arena full of craft and cunning, with just break a piece of heaven and earth. Different from other domestic drama, "China relation" in addition to show the human society’s "human, human", also did not deliberately avoid some gaps in real life, real and bloody side, naked to show in front of the audience. The audience said, "Chinese relation" the biggest characteristic is that the characters just debut are not perfect, but everyone is looking more and more lovely. "" China relation ", every drink, every business is like a game of wisdom, interest to compete, the role of each line shows the different identity and status they represent. From different societies相关的主题文章: