Chelsea ‘self exposure or leave the Premier League Chinese as candidate destination (video)-acbel

Chelsea ‘self exposure or leave the Premier League China as candidate destination [report] Suning 2-1 Guoan R double horse scored two of the manufacturing Tencent in recent years to reverse the sports in September 20th, Chelsea (data), the Nigeria international midfielder Mikel often super team rumored. Recently, according to the "European sports news site, in the Chelsea become a marginal man Mikel is considering the possibility of leaving the Standford bridge and super, continue to be one of the candidate to the Nigeria star. Foreign media. Due to unsuccessful under Conti, and entered into the contract, let Mikel have a sense of crisis. "When you left a year contract, as a player, you have to start thinking about what will happen after the end of the season." Mikel said in an interview, "in January next year, I can sign contracts with other clubs, yes, I will consider doing so, because you never know what will happen." Mikel also stressed that he would not rule out the possibility of joining the league in the future, but the premise is that the super team for him out of the contract, must be beneficial to his family. "I have won everything for Chelsea, including the Champions League, and I will always be one of the first to win the Champions League, and that’s not going to change. As for me, I will decide what is best for me and my family, because every day you wake up, you are not an isolated man, and wherever I go play, must be good for me, my family and children. If I really want to go to China or other places, we will wait and see. But one thing is certain, I will make the best choice." Mikel was born in 1987. He has been working for Chelsea since 2005. In January this year, Mikel and Jiangsu Suning, the Hong Kong Shanghai spread over the scandal, but eventually die a natural death. There have been reports that if you want to join in, Mikel hopes to get a weekly wage of 125 thousand euros, twenty thousand euros contract fees paid. (Yaru Road)相关的主题文章: