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Renault Zoe stunning debut Paris Auto

Renault ZOE stunning debut Paris auto show · equipped with the new Z.E. 40 battery Renault ZOE to create a new NEDC standard mileage, is now available. · Reynolds to product offensive, again to launch 5 new models, the Koleos INITIALE PARIS version of the European debut. · the unveiling of the all-new concept car TREZOR, marks the beginning of a new cycle of Renault design and innovation. · new Reno: pure electric, new design, complete product lineup update. (September 29, 2016, Paris) Reynolds Group Chairman and chief executive Carlos · Ghosn (Carlos GHOSN), announced today, equipped with Z.E. 40 battery electric vehicle ZOE Reynolds immediate sale, the ZOE electric vehicles on a single charge mileage up to 400 km (equivalent to NEDC in the city or suburban road real life 300 km). NEDC means new European driving conditions. ZOE has become Europe’s best-selling electric passenger car, the upgrade of the mileage to its performance beyond the current market in all other economic electric vehicles. To this month, Renault electric car sales exceeded 100 thousand mark, and now ZOE single charge mileage reached 400 km. We continue to seek breakthroughs in areas where innovation is of great importance to the consumer. Consumers are more willing to choose electric vehicles, and the use of new Internet services to enhance their driving experience, which for us and ZOE users are the most important." Carlos, chairman and chief executive officer of Renault group, said Mr. ·.   Renault Group Chairman and CEO Carlos · (Carlos GHOSN) Mr. speech, Mr. Ghosn made a speech at the Paris Motor Show debut Renault new lineup. Renault’s top SUV Koleos INITIALE PARIS also show complete European debut, becoming Reynolds in the past 4 years of continuous launch of 4 electric vehicles, 15 vehicles and 11 new models to update product offensive in the last section of gorgeous music. In the past 18 months, Renault has made a record financial performance through a combination of product offensive, factory investment, Renault Nissan Alliance synergies and geographic expansion. At the same time, Renault group design senior vice president Laurence · van · · AIKE (Laurens van den Acker) unveiled the new Renault concept car TREZOR, show the design vision of Renault models and technical inputs of the next generation.   Reynolds Design Senior Vice President Laurence · van · · AIKE (Laurens van den Acker) Mr ZOE for economic type electric vehicles set new standards as a pure electric travel pioneer and Europe’s best-selling electric:相关的主题文章:

Exposure of the new super rich Harvey executives want to catch up with the inevitable salary increas-shiyang

Super exposure new giants Harvey to retain R & F will tie the inquiry a Sohu   sports; Guangzhou daily news (reporter Xie Zekai) September 21st, Guangzhou bodied in the FA Cup semi-final second leg home court in the ratio of 1 to 3 loss to Guangzhou Evergrande, missed the final. After the game, decimating the Israeli foreign aid Zahavi wrote in the Israeli media column: "missed the FA Cup champion I am very disappointed, for now I don’t know whether to move, but I hope to be able to have a winning team." Yesterday, the domestic media reported further Harvey’s column, because such a statement seems to indicate that he wants to transfer. However, according to informed sources, the so-called personal column is not written by Harvey himself. Recently, the Israeli media continue to report the news that Harvey want to move, because his agent is negotiating with the Guangzhou R & F to raise wages, so the broker wants to hype the transfer rumors to increase bargaining chips. Nearly half a month ago, and Zahavi came out of the club’s transfer scandal, including Guangzhou Hengda and Shanghai on the port, the rumors of the transfer fee of 30 million euros in the hands of Harvey, the annual salary of more than $12 million. You know, R & F will Zahavi from the Israeli League dug over, the transfer fee spent only $8 million, his annual salary was only $4 million. The importance of tie Harvey joined the R & F show value and to the team, let the other team with the "poach" increase chips, also let the agent in the negotiations with the R & F were to have enough space for. Guangzhou R & F is still denying the team to the club’s official offer Harvey, Harvey for the team to give the price is also given negative. In fact, the real Harvey is interested in the super club is not Hengda, nor is it on Hong Kong, but a new wealthy club. Judging from the case of decimating the formal offer, the club should have had a private asking price, but the two sides still have differences in the transfer fee. This time the asking price, but also by the broker Harvey to take big hype, in order to put pressure on R & F, but R & F is not so easy compromise. Judging from the current situation, Harvey is not without the possibility of transfer. And decimating in order to retain Harvey, let him feel at ease in the team, the pay is imperative. Overall, the possibility of Harvey through the salary increase in the presence of decimating much larger than the transfer.相关的主题文章:

A group of attractive little fairies! Foreign beauty cos Ibrahimovic version of the

A group of attractive little fairies! COS foreign beauty Ibrahimovic version of sailor Ibrahimovic is a Japanese Nintendo Co to develop a handheld game series "demon treasure dream" and according to a mythical creature "on the elf" which is adapted in the animated series. And "beautiful girl" is a representative work of the Japanese cartoonist Takeuchi Naoko. Recently, a group of foreign beauty COSER who put Ibrahimovic and the United States and young girls linked together, we’ll look at it together. Ibrahimovic has the characteristics of foxes, dogs and cats. Ibrahimovic composed of the body of the gene is very unstable, easily affected by the environment and change the shape, gentle temperament, easy feeding. The evolution of fire, water, thunder elf elf elf, fairy, elf, sun June ice elves, fairies and elves elf leaves. Because Ibrahimovic has 9 kinds of forms, and the beauty of the young warrior also has 9 people, so there is a painter of the "Wizard treasure can be a dream" in the little wizard of the United States and the "young girl warrior" painting together in the. The 9 foreign beauties COSER put on a special dress COS played a different form of Ibrahimovic. We will take a look at the views of netizens. "Not only a good idea, but also the value of the COSER are also online." Are these clothes made by themselves? It feels so hard." "The chest of different colors of the wizard ball is a bright spot, this is good." "Ibrahimovic, is it more like Ibrahimovic? Or is it more like a teenage warrior?" Look forward to the beauty of the girls can become Ibrahimovic form." "This COSPLAY is very interesting." Then you look at how these COSPLAY? May wish to leave a message to tell her mother. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: