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Travel-and-Leisure The tourism industry in India is only witnessing a big boom with vacationing be.ing a trend. Travel freaks are passionate about exploring the natural bounties, historical legacies, culture, etc. across the country. While many prefer staying in five star hotels, there are equally many who prefer staying in budget hotels in India. Yes, you may not avail all the facilities you want in budget hotels but hospitability and .fortability are the two factors that are given prime importance in all classes of hotels; so a pleasurable stay is assured. Counted few brands of budget hotels in India that run chains across the country do offer a wealth of facilities such as fitness conveniences, fine dining, bar, business facilities, conference rooms, etc. Two names worth mentioning are Ginger and Lemon Tree. At moderate tariff, you can enjoy a whole lot of flexibility at these budget hotels in India. As soon as you plan a trip it will be wise on your part to get an advanced booking done; this will let you get a confirmed ac.modation in your chosen hotel besides also good discounts. Visit a travel portal to gain more information about budget hotels in India. Think of Mumbai and think of Manali, located at opposite directions and distanced by hundreds of kilometres. While Manalis natural bounties will make you feel as if you are on paradise on earth, Mumbais metro attribute will only let you wonder about man-made splendor. These two cities are two of the most visited tourist spots in the country. Mumbai is a business hub too and hence business tourists fill up the city round the year. There is no dearth of hotels in Manali nor is there any scarcity of hotels in Mumbai. You will find all classes of hotels in both the cities. Hotels in Mumbai may be more expensive than hotels in Manali. You can book ac.modation after .paring tariff and facilities so that you choose the best as per your budget and preferences. Few of the budget hotels in Manali that are in the good books of travel freaks are Manu Allaya, Royal Park Resort, Quality Inn River Country Resort, Satkar Residency, Apple Country Resort, Hotel Whispering Rocks, and Highland Park. Amid the top budget hotels in Mumbai are The Ambassador, The Shalimar Hotel, Ramee Guestline Hotel, Hotel Krishna Palace, Bawa International, Ritz Hotel, The Mirador, Quality Inn Parle International, and Hotel Juhu Plaza. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: