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Bptp Elite Floors is an independent floors project from the BPTP group which seeks to provide low-rise, low population density of living to its residents. The project is one of the many different projects of this group in the Greater Faridabad area. Three units of floors on a plot size have been developed with the objective of providing privacy of independent housing to the people. There is no other neighbour on the same floor. The living or built-up areas of each unit on same plot is same. However, due to the differential space usage of open areas, there is division of rights. These rights have been devised by the builder itself with the objective of preventing the conflict of interests later on. The same have been clearly mentioned in the agreements as well. This is one of the .mon queries which the buyers of these independent floors also make because the division of rights could be different for different projects. The .mon areas of the BPTP Elite Floors Faridabad are the ground floor lawns and parking space and the terrace on top. The project gives rights over the backyard lawn to the ground floor owner exclusively. However, the person is barred from having any right whatsoever on the terrace. With respect to the parking space in front, there is sufficient space for the parking one car each for each of the resident units. If the owners have more than one car, then the same can be parked at other open spaces, such as streets. However, they shall keep in mind that parking does not cause inconvenience to others. The terrace is the most contentious of all the open spaces which have to be shared among the owners of these units. BPTP Elite Floors charges most rates for the Ground level units and these decrease as one goes to higher floors with lowest charges for the second floor. The rights over terrace are not given exclusively to the second floor owner. In fact, these are shared between the first and the second floor owners in the ratio of 40:60. The .parative advantage of more terrace area lies with the second floor owner. This is quite obvious with the way these have been apportioned for different plot sizes. For the 180 sq yards plot area, the first floor and the second floor will have 296 and 338 sq ft terrace area respectively. For 250 sq yards, the size is 383 sq ft and 623 sq ft respectively. 300 sq yards plot gives terrace rights over 452 sq ft and 725 sq ft area respectively for first and second floors. Another important point to note is that the total divisible terrace area is about 70-75 percent of the total built up area. Rest of the area is either left open or is used for some .mon purpose, such as overhead water tanks. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: