Blind running may not be healthy exercise should follow the law step by

Blind running may not be healthy exercise should follow the law of running step by step should emphasize the law of movement, many people first thought is running. But blind running may not be healthy. In fact, rhythmic exercise is more conducive to health! Scientific research has proved that exercise not only to follow the body’s own metabolism, but also to follow the laws of motion itself contains. The rhythmic movement is a movement that follows the law of motion. Rhythmic movement, is a rhythmic, regular movement, that is, according to a certain rhythm of the movement, the intensity of repeated, coordinated and sustained. Such as walking, jogging, swimming, dancing and other exercise to improve the body temperature, pulse, respiratory rate, and other forms of exercise, it belongs to the basic rhythm movement. Studies have shown that in the field of rehabilitation and prevention, rhythmic movement is very important for human health and disease rehabilitation. Moderate rhythm exercise can improve the body’s oxygen uptake capacity, enhance the body’s metabolism, increase the body’s absorption of nutrients and the use of the system, so as to promote human health, so that the disease as soon as possible to recover. Changchun, a fitness club coach in an interview with reporters, we do not introduce a very accurate understanding of the "step run". "Step run" is similar to jogging, but in the course of the exercise, the movement rhythm and breathing are required. ‘step run’ relative to the general jogging, the impact of the movement on the ground is relatively small, relatively safe." Zhang coach told reporters that the "step run" movement, the breathing should be calm, to promote a full net spit. Ten minutes before the running of respiratory instability, fast, slow, deep and shallow, and then gradually stabilized. Proper mouth opening to assist the nose to breathe. Each distance of not more than 1.5 feet long, should not be too large. That each fall on the other foot heel tip, heel toe from the maximum interval of 1.5 feet long. Sports injury caused by stride running. Running speed depends on foot dynamic frequency regulation, the pace of adjustment. The core idea of speed control is: slow down, slow down again! Walk slowly. The pace of "walking" is easy for people to talk freely. Exercise should be gradual. The first step is to run in the control, calmly spend 5 to 15 minutes of fatigue transition period, just started running the first 15 minutes do not run. It can be divided into adaptation period, recovery period and preparation period. The adaptation period of 1~3 months, the speed of 3~4 kilometers per hour, every step of running control 3000~5000 meters; recovery period of 6 months at the speed of 5~6 kilometers per hour, every step of running control in 4000~6000 meters; for 12~24 months at the speed of 6~8 kilometers per hour, every step in the 5000~10000 meters to run control. Specific speed depends on the specific circumstances of the individual, do not blindly pursue speed and distance." Coach Zhang said. (Changchun daily)相关的主题文章: