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Beijing Tianjin Hebei "group" inspections in the Great Wall   non-governmental organizations "watch" 9000 km – Travel Channel recently, Beijing Pinggu District, Tianjin Jixian County, Hebei prosperous county signed "Tianjin the Great Wall law enforcement joint inspection agreement", and set up a joint inspection team to protect the "three no" zone of the ancient the Great Wall. This is the State Administration of cultural relics in the country launched a the Great Wall law enforcement pilot projects, the future is expected to promote the country. Law enforcement officers will carry out the main body of the the Great Wall and the surrounding illegal construction, development and utilization of the destruction of the historical environment of the Great Wall, the Great Wall and other aspects of the main body of joint law enforcement. The three party will be clear and specific contact, the establishment of work hotline and WeChat group, the daily discovery of potential problems and important clues timely notification. This is undoubtedly the protection of the Great Wall is not clear of the icebreaker. Chinese the Great Wall Association executive vice president Dong Yaohui said, "the Great Wall is the world’s largest single linear cultural heritage, most in the field, not like a collection of other cultural relics, the protection of it, by the cultural relics department is not enough." In addition to government law enforcement, civil action from the public, increasingly become an important guardian force. In July 15th this year, Beijing trip at the foot of the Great Wall, ancient the Great Wall research and protection of well-known Master William? Lindsay and EMI travel jointly launched the "guardian of the Great Wall 30 years? Share Tour" of the public welfare activities. "Guardian of the Great Wall tour through Beijing Hebei Shanhaiguan, Gansu Jiayuguan Gubeikou, and other famous mark, which lasted 40 days, covering 7 provinces and cities, the entire more than 9 thousand km. Along the way from the Hebei Luanping, Qinhuangdao, Zunhua, Yulin, Shaanxi and the support of the local government in shenmu. At present, the successful completion of the event in Jiayuguan. EMI travel founder Wang Xiangyu (in) and Lindsay jointly written scroll clouds in Beijing the Great Wall in Northern Shaanxi people welcome the "the Great Wall guard brigade" team "the Great Wall guard tour" co sponsor, EMI travel founder Wang Xiangyu also said, "we are pleased to see that in recent years, more and more people are aware of the beauty of the important practice to protect the environment, promote the cultural heritage, in the hope that the team has grown, the formation of the mighty tide of this era, as a contribution to human civilization and progress of our strength." (Li Xingyue, even pure commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: