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Beijing 2017 college entrance examination in November to start the five categories of people can not be reported to Sina educational hearing on the 29, Beijing Education Examination Yuan announced in Beijing in 2017 college entrance examination registration time. It is understood that the application will be formally from the beginning of November. Registration includes online submission of applications, online personal information and payment and registration eligibility to confirm the three stages. The first stage: submit the application time online: 8 November 9, 2016 to 12, 20 (children of migrant workers for the time for the October 11th 8 to 14, 20) or address: second stage: through the qualification of candidates online fill personal information and payment examination time: November 17, 2016 8 to 20, 20. Or support the payment standard and on-line payment system of the banks in Annex 1. The third stage: the qualification time: arrange the scene confirmed by the District Office of college admissions in November 30th. Location: graduates designated high Zhaoban district to the location of the school by the school to inform the specific location; social youth principle in the account where the street (township); high admissions staff in the location of the unit area. Qualification requirements: complete the online personal information reporting and payment of the examinee residence booklet, the original identity card (letter of introduction of staff also test units) for the qualification confirmation formalities within the prescribed time and place. Registration qualification will be collected during the examination of electronic photos. Candidates must complete the above three stages and through the qualification of the scene after confirmation, to participate in the 2017 Beijing college entrance examination. The registration information is an important part of the examinee of electronic archives, the candidates are admitted to colleges and universities the student data related information from the examinee registration information, the examinee must ensure my entrance registration information is accurate. College entrance examination enrollment information is no longer changed after confirmation of registration. And last year, there are five categories of personnel can not participate in the college entrance examination this year, including higher education qualifications for college students or have been higher school admission and keep the admission of students; senior middle school non graduating students in senior secondary education; non graduating year to practise fraud means to register and participate in the common violations college entrance examination (including the national examination, the provincial examination and college entrance examination alone) graduates; for violation of the provisions of the national education examination in high school, was given a suspended entrance examination treatment and stop period of the staff; and because the relevant departments have been violated the criminal law to take coercive measures or who is serving. (Shao Botao) Beijing 2017 college enrollment work notice according to the relevant documents of the Ministry of education requirements, combined with the specific situation of Beijing City, it was decided that the Beijing 2017 college enrollment work in November 2016. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows: first, the conditions of application (a) registration shall meet the following conditions comply with the Constitution and laws of People’s Republic of China; senior secondary school graduate or equivalent; physical condition in accordance with the relevant requirements. With Beijing city.相关的主题文章: