Behind Ctrip big wine tour each new turn of hinterland competition kaya scodelario

Behind Ctrip big wine tour: each new turn of hinterland competition to acquire the renewed rumors of the hinterland competition new big wine tour Ctrip audibles behind Ctrip acquired great wine tour rumors new again, after both sides each other audibles to attract more industry onlookers, is the view that this is actually between Ctrip and the new wine the brigade "bid". However, a number of industry insiders pointed out that, regardless of whether the acquisition is true, the online travel platform for a period of time or will welcome change. Compete the hinterland from rumors to deny, Ctrip acquired great wine tour news Xinmei in recent days have passed now, the two sides raise a Babel of criticism of, have a new action in the hotel business. In the layout of the upstream resources, Ctrip announced in mid September, thousands of hotel and Lakeview Xuanwu Hotel Nanjing, Shanghai Pavilion Hotel, Tianjin Friendship Hotel Wenjun signed a distribution agreement. In the future, Ctrip and hotel cooperation continues to deepen, and in the promotion channels, big data applications and other aspects of the depth of cooperation. Some analysts have pointed out that Ctrip and the total distribution of cooperation between the hotel model, both to get Ctrip competitive hotel resources, but also to expand the ability of the online distribution of each brand hotel. Before the announcement of the total distribution agreement with thousands of hotels, Ctrip also launched promotional activities for the hotel market, especially in the low-end Hotel market. The promotion or extended from September 3rd to 30, covering 31 city of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other domestic, including "four Econo Hotel 8 fold, the high star hotel every day half price" etc.. For this promotion, Ctrip said it was to encourage consumers to choose to travel during the off-season. It is worth noting that this event also highlights the hotel business cooperation, Ctrip related information display, crystal orange, Biguiyuan, Metropark, Royal Court Hotel, high-end hotel brand to participate in promotional activities, you can stay a minimum of 50 percent off star hotels, such as home, the Han court, in addition 7 days and Jinjiang the magnitude four Econo Hotel and Pod Inn, the city is convenient and easy Baideng brand is also involved. China Tourism Research Institute deputy researcher Yang Yanfeng said, this is Ctrip with subsidies of Econo Hotel and the competition between the big new action. In the new big wine tour, media reports that the new general in high-end hotel market force. Thus, new big wine journey with Ctrip more competitive. In fact, Ctrip had to merge between where the network and new wine travel competition is more intense, layout of the two sides in the low star hotel market has more cross. In addition, the media also pointed out that Ctrip has recently confirmed that the investment will be strengthened in the low star hotel market. The acquisition rumors both denied the Ctrip and Xinmei big wine launched a new tour action at the same time in the business, the two top each other audibles is also quite aspect, attracted industry in conjecture. Many analysts pointed out that this practice or for the negotiations during the call". September 5th, the industry came news that Baidu Nuomi and Baidu takeaway will be packaged for sale to the United States Mission review, but soon after the United States and Baidu aspects denied. However, the Beijing Business Daily reporter from close to the knowledge of Baidu takeaway as well as cooperation in terms of business相关的主题文章: