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Entrepreneurialism As the day of its official 4G launch is nearing

Entrepreneurialism As the day of its official 4G launch is nearing, Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited will soon unveil its office infrastructure set up around 880 cities and towns of the country. Preparations of Reliance Jio At present, the company is carrying on extensive field tests to provide the customers with the best possible service. The tests are being conducted in its plants at Navi Mumbai, Jamnagar and other places, too. The tests will ensure the integration of devices with Reliance Jios network, services and platform. The flagship company, Reliance Industries had informed about this in its annual report for 2014-15. The parent company also informed that its subsidiary is working hard to fulfill the minimum rollout obligations giving in the Notice Inviting Applications (NIA) for the spectrum sale held in 2010, specified according to Test Schedule Test Procedure. It requires the company to cover 90% of its service areas before 31st August, 2015. Reliance Jio is setting up a strong distribution and sales network spread across the country. It isalso recruiting new talents and experts for multiple posts for all of its locations. Besides, the company is establishing its infrastructure to deal with the future growing demand of data and voice services. It will make use of long term evolution(LTE) technology to give broadband services of high-speed. In popular terms, this is known as 4G. Reliance Jio increased its spectrum holdings with the March auction sale. The recent auction was termed to be Indias most expensive spectrum auction. The company holds the biggest liberalized bandwidth that authorizes it to offer smooth 4G services across spectrum bands of 800 MHz, 2300 MHz and 1800 MHz with an integrated ecosystem. Reliance Jio had informed that it is making an investment of Rs. 70,000 crores for its 4G venture. The annual report also said that the company has "either finalized or is in the process of finalizing pacts with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), original design manufacturers (ODMs) and chipset vendors on end-to-end device design and engineering."Moreover, the company is also making a tight integration of the devices with its network infrastructure to offer a smooth experience to its customers.In October, 2013 the company had acquired a pan-India Unified License (UL). This license lets the company to give out almost all kinds of telecommunication service across the country, using any technology. Analysts at Credit Suisse are of the opinion that a soft launch by Reliance Jio will be in mid-July and this will be earlier than what the market is expecting. It also says that the launch of Reliance Jios network will have a vital impact on others in the telecom industry. According to the Swiss brokerage,Reliance Jio has almost finalized its wholesale distributors in many of its telecom regions. It further suggested that the company will team up with retailers just 2-3 weeks before the official launch of its services. About the Author:

you need to look at penny stock trading. I know that doesn’t strike a lot of excitement for most traders

Stocks-Mutual-Funds All of us know the big name stocks by heart. You hear about them all the time on CNBC and The Wall Street Journal. We hear about them constantly. Companies like Exxon, Microsoft, Wal-Mart, are always going to grab the headlines when they report earnings. These are the companies that people invest in for steady growth and income in their portfolio. It’s safe and there is nothing wrong with safe. But do you honestly think that traders strike it rich by trading these kind of companies, now. I highly doubt it. You think people treat Microsoft like some kind hidden gem? Of course not! They know that the value is already built in the market. There is definitely a ceiling on potential growth. But what if somebody had the foresight to invest in Microsoft when they were an unknown, wouldn’t that be a different story? But to be one of the ones who strike it rich in the stock market then you have to able to have foresight and a little bit of courage. If you see an opportunity like that, you’ve got to be ready to jump on it. You never find that kind of opportunity by following the stocks you see on CNBC.. To see the true potential of what investing the stock market can do, you need to look at penny stock trading. I know that doesn’t strike a lot of excitement for most traders, but this is where the next potential Microsoft is hiding. Remember, all companies have to start somewhere. Microsoft didn’t just become a billion dollar company. It started off with modest beginnings. Throughout the history of the stock market, there have been many companies that just burst onto the scene from nowhere. A year ago most people didn’t even know their name. For example, look at the internet. I know what you’re going to say. "A lot of them didn’t make it". But take a look at the ones that did. They are big-time companies, now. You can be certain that they started off in the bargain bins. Companies that are penny stocks today could be all the rage the very next year. It happens all the time. About the Author: nausea and increased bleeding risks. Garlic may be taken in supplement form or crushed and added to foods for its medicinal effects.” Other natural treatments include turmeric and willow bark. Turmeric has historically been used as a blood thinner. Livestrong claims

Health Okay folks, enough with the medicine. Every time someone has a headache or a cold, they run for pill-packed relief. The truth is that the generations before us survived these non-detrimental symptoms without significant problems. Before we had Tylenol, Aspirin and Ibuprofen, families actually used natural ingredients to alleviate their aches. Even with Aspirin’s heart-healing use for more serious health problem prevention, such as heart attack prevention, there’s a concern in our society and within medical circles that this drug can carry with it, damaging side effects to other bodily functions. It’s time to return to basics and compare aspirin to alternatives without the same side effects. Recently published article in the Chicago Tribune, "Aspirin is good for heart-attack prevention, but skip the proton pump inhibitors," shares, "Aspirin treatment has become standard for the prevention of heart attacks, particularly among middle-aged and older people at high risk for heart attacks. But taking a low-dose aspirin daily increases the likelihood of gastrointestinal bleeding, so some doctors suggest that aspirin should be taken with another medication — a proton pump inhibitor — to reduce the risk of bleeding. A new study, however, has found that adding the proton pump inhibitor isn’t justified for most patients." Sounds like we’re adding medications to already medicated patients. What is the solution to this medical merry-go-round? If the solution is not Aspirin, then what is it? Have you ever considered using garlic? According to a Livestrong article, "Natural Alternatives to Aspirin for Heart Health," Aspirin’s blood-thinning properties lower heart attack and stroke risks because it improves circulation and lowers the risks of blood clots. However, because of the daunting side effects of Aspirin – risks of gastrointestinal bleeding and kidney damage – it would be in our best interest to consider less dangerous methods of blood thinning. The Livestrong article, several natural herbs have been shown to act as healthier substitutes to using medication like Aspirin. Garlic has been shown to greatly improve blood circulation and even contains mild cholesterol-reducing properties. While it’s not risk-free, it can be a more desirable choice than Aspirin: "The dosage of garlic recommended for heart health is between one and three cloves daily. Side effects include indigestion, nausea and increased bleeding risks. Garlic may be taken in supplement form or crushed and added to foods for its medicinal effects." Other natural treatments include turmeric and willow bark. Turmeric has historically been used as a blood thinner. Livestrong claims, "Its main active compound, curcumin, has anti-inflammatory and blood-thinning effects that may be useful in conditions such as atherosclerosis and heart disease." Willow bark has similar blood-thinning effects and pain-relieving properties, but should also be taken with caution and in moderation. The bottom line, people, is that we have to pay attention to the medicines that we are swallowing. When preventing one medical catastrophe by taking some pills, it makes no sense to cause another with that treatment. Pay attention to studies on natural therapy verses pharmaceutical therapy, and be careful to believe what anybody says. You only get one heart. Take care of it! About the Author: Dr. Veronica Anderson has emerged as a smart, outspoken, fun-loving voice for healthy living in today’s media. As an entertaining, lively and provocative guest, she has appeared on national TV talk shows such as Our World with Neil Cavuto (Fox News Channel), and Live with Adam Carolla (syndicated). She is the host of radio show, Wellness For the Real World. Learn more at Article Published On: