Animation super lover the latest information released in the second

Animation "super lovers" in the second quarter information released Tuesday, animation "super lovers" in its official website updated the animation "super lovers" in the second quarter of the story, voice actors, production staff and key visual map. The new key visual map story: animation first season began in the high school boys and his mother lived overseas chunzi. The mother ordered to take care of his education and fine yoshie lotus. Lotus is not love to talk with others wild and intractable. At first, the brothers were hostile to each other. But with the growth of the two, the two began to understand each other. The second season began in the spring son animation announced that she would bring back to Switzerland lotus. The main animation production staff: Original: thou maxa-ok Supervision: Shira Shinji series composition: Nakamura Yoshiko: Takihara Miki: the role of design supervision department is to help Du Wen Chang: Art supervision and color three house design: Guimu imasato Photography: Koshiyama Asahi Matsumura Masahiro: the compilation of supervision for Environmental Supervision: Sound: J u two Acoustics: Izumo fan: eight trees into recording audio production:, with few fries in, in, music: Takari Yasuji, Katayama Shushi, Kato Kenji (Team-MAX): studies with Japanese music production and the Asian animation Institute, Tokyo: now, so, data produced: "SUPER LOVERS 2" Production Committee: the main character animation Begonia zero CV Minagawa Junko CV Maeno Chiaki and sunny Begonia Begonia Begonia tree CV Matsuoka Shi Ma CV Terajima Takuatsushi Sasaki CV Lai village Ayumi Yufang Kurosaki Shiquan CV Fukushima Jun spring? D? CV Sawami Youko CV Kondo Kiri Shiraishi Ryoko CV Zhai he construct with Tsinghua Zu Huang Zhi Lang CV summer CV catfish Ryutaro Spokane Takuma Takuya animation will be broadcast in January next year, so in CV Design MA Atsuko Tanaka cypress stem. Thou maxa-ok since 2010 in Kadokawa magazine "Ciel" on the comic strip "super lovers", in May last year, the comic book to Kadokawa magazine "Emerald" on the continued. At present, the comic published version of volume 7. [source: Dream domain animation network]相关的主题文章: