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Analysis of the media why the class has been "thrive": Test thinking products – the new year to the annual entrance examination season, no surprise, the economy is still hot. All kinds of classes to protect the class has continued to hold high the banner, shouting, but the test but refund slogan, in many of the "fly" questioned the voice of "thrive". The media give them as a "super" name, this is indeed a bit wronged "super" word. There is demand, there is a market. After all, in the eyes of many people, PubMed is the last attempt to change the fate of reading. If from the non focus to the focus, from the 985 to the 985, is a leap Longmen, got the entrance ticket of the favorite company. And change the fate of the bright future, compared to the first hit tens of thousands of dollars, not to lose money trading. I have a postgraduate Paul had class, they found that there are two main kind of secret weapon: a military management and high intensity of learning, the "internal information" and "connections". Aside from the postgraduate entrance exam to play the word game, the two are more or less able to help candidates. The former, let no self-control or suffering from procrastination you return to school, give you a "life can have a stroke of chicken several times, while monitoring you study hard all day supervision, urging; the latter, let the right to the ignorant you get, and the college graduate student in close contact the opportunity, you can buy notes you apply for professional Daniel teacher colleges and universities to understand the direction of their research and recent interest, and even institutions will promise once you enter the interview, they will give you the RBI dredge, let you re conquest of the successful school examiner. The two kind of secret weapon, going down, is designed for the test and. Where there is an exam, there is always a test technique that can be summed up. In learning, rote learning, can deal with the problem of rigid examination; and identify the teacher appetite, "charge", bold can meet the test in another part of the topic is more flexible. "Back" and "charge", is the magic weapon Chinese candidates and teachers in the test in the sea more than and 10 years of ups and downs. But what do graduate students do? He must have the ability to study and analyze problems, especially the ability of scientific research for their own discipline; a little better, he should have academic aspirations and academic enthusiasm, Chuaizhuo a want to make a little contribution to human knowledge of heart. These qualities, how to embody in the "back" and "charge"? A doctor as I once interviewed said, graduate, candidates for independent thinking ability have higher requirements, which is the test Paul had class cannot provide. But what does it matter? The purpose, is no longer the "I want to do research", but "I think gold plating and finding a good job"; and the graduate school entrance exam selection methods, and really give skills play space — training courses can not give you an ability, but can give you the "skills" seems to have this ability, it can help you take advantage of the exam. So, as long as it does not involve相关的主题文章: