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Travel-and-Leisure If food gives you a reason to travel, why not stay in one of the best hotels in Istanbul and explore the capitals wonderful culinary delights? Turkey may not be the first place that springs to mind when you consider foodie destinations but for those who dig deep and open themselves up to the local experience there are many intriguing and absolutely delicious morsels to be tasted. Although most of the best hotels in Istanbul have excellent restaurants offering authentic Turkish dishes, it is a must to get out into the back streets and follow your nose and the local people to get a taste of the true heart of the city. With such a diverse heritage and a history that has embraced eastern and western cultures, Istanbul is in the fortunate position to have the very best of both culinary worlds. The city has, over the years, been home to many different ethnic groups and has consequently embroidered parts of each into its intricate culture today. The fertile soils of the Anatolian interior .bined with the rich pickings of the Aegean and Black Sea produces some fine ingredients of immense variety and incredible quality. Embarking On A Culinary Tour The exciting part of discovering a new cuisine is learning about the culinary traditions and trying things you would never have imagined. For unusual and exciting street food, the city has some of the best. Hotels in Istanbul are often located close to restaurants, cafs and street markets so make sure you get into the midst of the action and let temptation lead the way on your culinary expedition. A good place to begin is with the humble simit, one of the citys most treasured staples. Looking very much like a bagel and topped with sesame seeds, this bread-like snack is mainly eaten for breakfast alongside a strong cup of Turkish tea. Although the smaller bakeries and street vendors are where you will find the authentic snack, some fast food chains have taken the concept on board and incorporated the simit into tasty sandwiches. Mezes are the preferred way to eat in Turkey, with small tapas-style plates of both warm and cold dishes being served in thousands of taverna, or meyhane, across the country. The best thing about the meze is that it allows you to taste samples of dishes of both eastern and western origin all at the same sitting. Dishes such as artichoke hearts in yoghurt are seasonal varieties of meze, but others, such as vine leaves stuffed with rice and meat and the flavoured stuffed, fried, smoked or grilled eggplant, are available all year. The Black Sea coast is a haven for fish lovers, and the famous Turkish hamsi, or European anchovy, is one of the mainstays trawled in from the coast. Dusted with flour and fried, grilled, incorporated into bread, pilaf and mezes, the hamsi is the city’s favourite fish. During the season, this fish is on every seafood house menu in the city. For the carnivores, Hunkar Begendi should definitely be on the menu at some point during your trip. Slow cooked lamb and creamy pureed eggplant makes for a melt in the mouth experience that simply rings with Turkish flavour. Although the kebab is one of Turkeys most popular meat dishes, the Hunkar Bengendi is one rather more special. Select one of the best hotels in Istanbul and use it as a convenient and luxurious base from which to treat yourself to a culinary experience like no other. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: