Amp folding Speaker allows you to get the ultimate theater experience (video)

Amp folding Speaker: allows you to get the ultimate theater experience Tencent digital hearing (Sean) feel that the iPad speaker effect is not good enough? In addition to the purchase of a Bluetooth speaker, you now have a new choice. AMP folding speaker allows you to get the ultimate theater experience Amp is a specially designed for the iPad portable stereo speakers, committed to providing you with home theater audio experience anytime, anywhere. Amp’s body is made of aluminum alloy material, lightweight and portable, but also improve the durability. It uses a collapsible design, after opening the space for you to place iPad. In this way, you will have a portable home theater. Like other portable speakers, the Amp is connected to the mobile device via bluetooth. In addition to iPad, you can also connect it with the phone. Not only can you use it to listen to music and watch movies, but also as a video calling device, the addition of additional speakers also brings better voice quality. Amp built-in 900mAh battery, life claims in more than 7 hours, the use of long time is not a problem. Amp is currently being carried out on the public Indiegogo, priced at $99 (about 661 yuan), is expected to ship in October this year. Source: Indiegogo boring boring life? Every day, too tired to be hollowed out? The old driver to take you back up again, cool cool new ways to stop, quickly focus on the Tencent WeChat digital Officer (ID:qqdigi) No.相关的主题文章: