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American travel diary (3) Sohu travel photography quiet beautiful Grand Teton Park – Pan Tiancui laingen Wen Qu?? September 17th afternoon, we at the SanFrancico Airport and Newark Photo Club teacher Wei Hang and three other members joined to Salt Lake City to attend the new photo Club America autumn Yellowstone National Park photography training. The plane landed at the Salt Lake City airport, a 12 hour drive from Losangeles car artist Huang? And another member of the fly over from Losangeles to the line of 8 people aboard Huang van hotel reservations, 12 days of American travel photography officially started. Huang is a local photographer who was hired by the New York photo club. This training footprint involves 5 states, more than 2 thousand mile range, focus on training camp in Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and other platform of national parks, Arches National Park, National Park, Mount Rushmore National Monument, Monument Valley Indian reserve, and Colorado state capital — Denver and Utah — state capital Salt Lake City. In September 18th, after breakfast, we hit the road with great excitement, the destination is Grand Teton National Park. About 290 miles from Salt Lake City and the Grand Teton Park distance, all the way open for more than five hours. Before leaving I dreamed I could be like a buffalo or deer in the rough desolate wasteland in the western United States on the run, the result is impossible, because the wild animal than human freedom, they can come swaggeringly to leisurely walk in the street, the vehicle must carefully let them. If you do not understand the rules of the land went to people go wild, equal to the axial feeding, the consequences…… Now Xiangqilaijiu sweating. Salt Lake City to Grand Teton National Park, a picturesque, beautiful enough to feast the eyes. Grand Teton park is more like a hidden deep in the forests of the beautiful paintings, colorful. Touch the sky mountain, covered with thousands of glaciers, mountains, peaks and peaks, like entering wonderland. There are herds of bison, elk, antelope, and many other mammals in the park. Especially cute little squirrel from your feet jumping over, toward you with a smile. The name of the bird swinging hairy body run after you, they really see them as their friends. Grand Teton National Park (Grand Teton National Park) is located in a national park, northwest Wyoming near the Yellowstone National Park, tickets for the general. It is said that in nineteenth Century, a group of French explorers found here, looking at the mountains of those ups and downs smooth lines, with their characteristic of the French romantic here to crown a romantic name "Grand Teton", meaning "woman’s breasts", people full of reverie. Along with the meandering of the Snake River, you can imagine the Grand Teton park is a face., curve graceful, beautiful beautiful woman, to visit her guests will be shocked by her grace, most willing to land at her feet. No wonder Americans are so fond of Grand Teton Park, as her private garden. They can enjoy their leisure time here,!相关的主题文章: