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Travel-and-Leisure Andaluca is a Spanish region comprising eight provinces: Almeria, Cdiz, Crdoba, Granada, Huelva, Jan, Mlaga, and Seville. Each province has its own culture and unique traditions. Andaluca is fascinating with its impressive Moorish monuments steeped in culture, beautiful towns set against the white hill backdrop, shining blue seas, sandy beaches, and imposing mountainous countryside. Malaga and Seville compete with each other to gain the title of major city of Andaluca. Cordoba and Granada, meanwhile, revel in the magnificence of their respective treasures, the Grand Mosque and Alhambra. History of Andaluca Andaluca has been mainly occupied by the Moors, who were mixed descendants of the Arabs and the Berbers. The Moors have been living on the Al-Andalus for almost 800 years. They refined their civilization during the Middle Ages, focusing on the three provinces of Crdoba, Granada, and Seville. Every province in Andaluca has an eclectic blend of Muslim and Christian influences. Highlights of Andaluca Each province has something unique on offer. Here are some of the worthy highlights: Granada has preserved its Moorish monuments beautifully and the Alhambra Palace, particularly, reflects the strong Muslim influence; and, Seville hosts some of the most breath-taking Gothic cathedrals in the world. The fishing port of Huelva is extremely important to the region. Its towns boast quaint whitewashed buildings juxtaposed with the natural beauty of the mountains. The tantalizing home cooked food and the awesome, historical Moorish and Christian castles are also worthy of note. Trekking is plentiful in the Sierra Nevada and Sierra Morena mountains. In the winter, skiing is a popular sport for both locals and tourists. For those who prefer a more relaxing pastime, there is always the beach. Tarifa and Cadiz offer some of Spains most beautiful Atlantic coast beaches. With consistent strong winds, Tarifa boasts the finest wind surfing in Spain. Take the time to visit Coto Donana, Spains biggest nature reserve, which is located near Cadiz. Andaluca is Spains most spirited region, as it is filled with flamenco dancing, elaborate carnivals and celebrations, and bull-fighting. Calendar events at Andaluca Some highlights throughout the year in Andaluca include the sacred pilgrimage procession from Almeria, Romeria de la Virgen del Mar in January; the Granadas San Cecilio Fiesta, which is a week long Lent Carnival in February; processions for Semana Santa or Holy Week take place in March; dramatic candlelight processions, in addition to bull runs and fairs, take place for Easter. The Pentecost celebration, in May, features a horse drawn carriage procession, then June brings its mock battle displays between the Moors and Christians, with characteristic bonfires, fairs and fiestas. Summertime hosts the International Festival of Music and Dance, in July, and the wine tasting festival and horse racing occur in August. Flamenco contests and bullfights occupy September, and you can enjoy more traditional fiestas from October until the end of the year. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: