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Ensure Music Marketing Success By Getting A Virtual Assistant By: ravi | Apr 13th 2015 – It is a fact that you"��ll be spending more by hiring someone tenured. However, this would also mean you"��ll get a Music Marketing Virtual Assistant who understands that their job is to lessen your burdens. For anyone who wants to successfully thrive in their own career, a well-informed assistant is a very good investment … Tags: Indie Artist Stopped Getting Pimped By Promoters By: ravi | Apr 8th 2015 – Music in general is a business like any other, you exchange your services for money and that someone that you exchange your services to tries to make money off your service that is the general rule. Tags: Mixtape Cover Designs: The Right Graphics Choices Lead To Career Success By: ravi | Apr 4th 2015 – One of the things you"��ll need from the artist is experience. If it"��s about mixtapes, Mixtape Cover King is a certified veteran. Artists with experience know effective tricks and have an idea of the standards your cover has to meet. Tags: 相关的主题文章: