Albin Aa B4 China listed money is also difficult to buy BMW 4 series (video) sexinse

Albin Aa B4 Chinese listed money is difficult to buy BMW 4 days ago, the German independent car maker ALPINA (Chinese Name: Yabinna) officially announced that its ALPINAB4 BITURBO officially listed in Chinese, first launched only car models, priced at 1 million 100 thousand yuan. ALPINA B4 BITURBO guidance price models price (yuan) ALPINA B4 BITURBO Alpina B4 twin turbo coupe BMW car throttle record it is reported, ALPINA will take the authorized dealer in cooperation with the BMW way to sell the car, the first batch of 3 BMW authorized dealers are located in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, and in 2017, will be the new a dealer in Chengdu cooperation. These 4 stores also constitute a ALPINA sales network in the country. ALPINAB4 BITURBO is based on the BMW 4 series (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) to create a four-wheel drive coupe, in appearance, the new BMW 4 series is basically the same, but the overall style is more sense of movement. In addition, the new car wheels at the center of LOGO also changed their belonging to ALPINA. The interior, the new BMW 4 series and the overall style is basically the same, the main difference in the wheel installed new ALPINA LOGO configuration, the new car is equipped with a leather steering wheel, electronic adjustable sport seats, automatic air conditioning heating system, xenon headlights, rain sensor and cruise control etc.. Power, equipped with a ALPINAB4 BITURBO after the upgrade of the BMW 3 liter inline six cylinder twin turbo engine (N55), maximum power of 410 horsepower, peak torque of 600 cattle · 0-100km m, H acceleration time of 4.2 seconds, top speed of 305km H. Transmission, the engine is matched with one from the ZF 8 speed automatic transmission.相关的主题文章: