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Business Have you made up your mind finally that you will be moving to another country and re-locate there? Fine, but have thought on the idea of shipping household goods overseas. This is very important to know as international shipping .panies in Houston Texas, or elsewhere in US follow different criteria while transferring the household goods. For example, if you are shipping household goods overseas which are used, the freight and cargo .pany will treat it as a .modity and therefore price it differently. Similarly, in case you are moving brand new household goods, the freight and cargo .pany will treat it merchandise and these are meant for resale. Therefore, in such an event, the shipping and freight .pany will charge differently. There are many countries that consider household goods to be New if the goods are less than 6 Months old, though you might have even used them. Many of International shipping .panies located in some of the countries follow One Year rule where taxes and custom duties differ from year to year. In case you try to be smart and pass your household goods as being used, the foreign customs department of the country will charge all the fees and penalties, including taxes and duties. Again, there are countries that will confiscate all your household goods which they consider as new, and which you have shipped by saying them to be old. In case you are shipping few new household items along with the old ones, make sure that you tell about it to the international shipping .pany, before penalty is charged on the household goods. Amongst other things you need to make sure that the international shipping .pany that you are hiring is professional and understands your requirements. The .pany should also be aware about the custom duty and taxes criteria in another country. This is essential if you are really looking forward to have hassle free shipping of your household goods. What types of shipping methods are offered by the international shipping .pany? This is also a key criterion on which bases you will select the services of international freight and cargo shipping .pany. Is the .pany offering door to port shipping, or port to port shipping, or door to door shipping. The door to door shipping services will .prise packing, wrapping, pickup, delivery to the port and then transfer to the land based destination. Make sure that the international shipping .pany is offering all of these services in an integrated way. Next, we talk about the international container shipping rates , which will vary according to weight of the container as well as the size of shipping container. If you are going for Less than container load shipment (LCL), or Full container load shipment (FCL), checking the quantity of household goods that you will be shipping be.es a necessity. Matching the quantity of your merchandise or .modity with that of the size of container that you wish to hire will help you to save the prices phenomenally. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: