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Business If you are holding a structured settlement today from an insurance .pany and you are experiencing money troubles, the temptation to sell is a gnawing one. In today’s financial climate most people are having financial troubles. The only difference is the scale of the debt applying to each of us. Very few people today live a debt free life but it is the inability to make the repayments that is causing so many sleepless nights for so many people around the world today. Listening to the news broadcasts doesn’t help one relax either. When big European countries like Greece are a breathe short of bankruptcy, and other European Nations have to bail them out to hold the entire European Union intact, makes one wonder how bad the financial problems really are around the world. Us minions are not likely to ever hear exactly how bad things really are because we would all panic. This is for once, a highly likely scenario. Many of us wouldn’t panic over seeing a UFO or alien in our midst because they haven’t hurt us yet, but if we knew the real state of our Governments and financial institutions, many of us would probably be candidates for court appearances. Not only are people having trouble paying their debts off, but the cost of essentials like electricity and Gas is rising so high and so fast from so many Energy providers who are extracting their debt repayments for their exorbitant loans out of their customers. The consumer of these essential services is on the bottom rung of the food chain ladder. The interesting development of our consumer driven societies due to this Global Financial Crises (GFC) , is that the rungs of the food chain ladder are showing exactly how unstable and insecure they really are. They have been anchored into sand and not rock. As each rung of the ladder gives way, it falls to the industry or consumer on the next rung, and it is now getting closer to the middle patch of the bottom rung. The bottom rung of this food chain have been the largest foundation on which many of these projects received their funding; and because there have been so many of them, these customer/consumers have been dictated to and kept on the lowest pay allowable. But now these lowly paid consumers are expected to be able to pay off all the debts of those who have borrowed to buy. In short, the rich have be.e very dependent on the poor. It is a very interesting development in our capitalist democratic society and is now a widening weakness. This weakness has been exploited by the world’s financial institutions and by the multinational conglomerates for the benefit of a very, very small proportion of the worlds population. Where it will all end is anybody’s guess. So if you are holding a structured financial settlement from any financial institution, and you are currently experiencing money troubles, perhaps the best question to ask yourself is, can I do better with my money than they are? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: