A seemingly low-key store, hiding a lot of people want to taste fresh – Sohu eat and drink (video) w32dasm

A seemingly low-key shops, hiding a lot of people want to taste the fresh food and drink for the weekend – Sohu even five days for people that is definitely regarded as intimate friends for while the weather is not too cold about buddy in the city streets at stop and go maybe where a corner encountered the delicacy we mention eat seafood so we feel is the summer season in the winter dormant delicacy seafood tasty fun can not only have the mouth addiction can eat it cold this seafood shop facade is not yet shipped from overseas customers in a continuous line of fresh seafood first with water for six to eight hours the sand spit net and then rinse with water and then to be able to start cooking pot. Add garlic oil after heat Mud and homemade chili sauce stir fried flavor chili is naturally essential pot smell strong spicy fragrance when you add seafood and finally put a few tablespoons of sugar to reconcile the taste of the spicy spicy 60 * 60 is a popular dish on the table just attract a chowhound. The surface of the eye moist oily oil still had some pepper broken glistening make people instantly appetite a spicy taste buds entrance quickly occupied 60 although meat is not too much to play the tasty sugar sweetness and spicy stimulate eat more flavor, some people can not stop eating no mouth burning sensation and her body was slowly warming – Sauteed Crab in Hot and Spicy Sauce clamp – for those resources Deep seafood crab who is absolutely lovely and hateful is not only love the taste of it too eat crab meat with trouble much bread with a knife and then smashed crabs into the pot to cook gently breaking away with plump crab to crab meat is delicate in salty sweet taste in is full of chili sauce flavor obviously with chopsticks point to dig to eat hard – seafood porridge – a cold porridge is the most warm reeky Chaozhou seafood porridge taste I wonder if you could just end up only to find the habit of porridge a pale yellow color the sweet taste and aroma rice onion smells nice with a spoon stir it see rich ingredients crab and shrimp flavor has melted Into the rice porridge boil bad taste soft waxy waxy and a hint of ginger drink on warm – – – – steamed steamed oysters Scallop in Shell can’t eat spicy food can taste steamed seafood just steamed garlic flavor also reveals a flexible fan with tender crisp and delicious the seafood eaten hot can taste a bit of fresh sweet – delicious seafood two or three Ke sub – Name: Ke son delicious Spicy Seafood features: 60, Sauteed Crab in Hot and Spicy Sauce pliers, steamed, steamed oysters, Scallop in Shell whitebait, Fried Eggs seafood porridge address: Zhengzhou city by the way and weft five road intersection south!相关的主题文章: