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A group of attractive little fairies! COS foreign beauty Ibrahimovic version of sailor Ibrahimovic is a Japanese Nintendo Co to develop a handheld game series "demon treasure dream" and according to a mythical creature "on the elf" which is adapted in the animated series. And "beautiful girl" is a representative work of the Japanese cartoonist Takeuchi Naoko. Recently, a group of foreign beauty COSER who put Ibrahimovic and the United States and young girls linked together, we’ll look at it together. Ibrahimovic has the characteristics of foxes, dogs and cats. Ibrahimovic composed of the body of the gene is very unstable, easily affected by the environment and change the shape, gentle temperament, easy feeding. The evolution of fire, water, thunder elf elf elf, fairy, elf, sun June ice elves, fairies and elves elf leaves. Because Ibrahimovic has 9 kinds of forms, and the beauty of the young warrior also has 9 people, so there is a painter of the "Wizard treasure can be a dream" in the little wizard of the United States and the "young girl warrior" painting together in the. The 9 foreign beauties COSER put on a special dress COS played a different form of Ibrahimovic. We will take a look at the views of netizens. "Not only a good idea, but also the value of the COSER are also online." Are these clothes made by themselves? It feels so hard." "The chest of different colors of the wizard ball is a bright spot, this is good." "Ibrahimovic, is it more like Ibrahimovic? Or is it more like a teenage warrior?" Look forward to the beauty of the girls can become Ibrahimovic form." "This COSPLAY is very interesting." Then you look at how these COSPLAY? May wish to leave a message to tell her mother. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: