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Writing-and-Speaking Content Marketing is creating and sharing the relevant information with readers and users but I explore companies persistently make mistakes. Therefore, the outcome is not upto the mark. I am sharing some of the mistakes which make a difference in the existing content marketing strategy. Some of my observations are below: Not understanding the end users need The biggest mistake the companies or online content writers make is to ignore end user needs. They dont share significant information or practical experience the user is looking in the website, articles or blogs. They share selling points of the product or services. The user needs more information and knowledge like how the product or service can make their life better or why they should buy this product. The user wants relevant information not an advertisement. Sharing freely available Information Sharing the freely information will not solve the purpose or they will not intend a user to become a consumer. He will only remain the reader not the consumers. So, sharing unique information with the readers will solve the purpose and attracts to buy the product or service. Failure in Updating Fresh Content Information and updating information is the requirement of the users. They love to explore and improve their knowledge on desired products or services. Companies dont take initiatives to update the case studies, articles, customers feedback and other information. When the users explore the similar information then he shifts his interest to other website. In simple words, you have lost a dedicated audience and potential consumer. Ignoring Search Engine Optimization Companies or content marketing strategy ignores the Search Engine Optimization criteria. The page does not appear on Google, MSN, Yahoo and other Search Engines. So, it is advisable to share information with Search Engines and directories and receives back links. One can also employ the SEO content writer as they have knowledge about the keywords and its density and can help to enjoy high Search Engine rankings. Lack of integration between online marketing tools Companies lack in integrating and balancing a platform between online marketing tools. There should be a proper balance between contributing articles, blogs, newsletters and other publications. Apart from that the content marketing strategist should make proper emphasis in publishing them successfully. Not Focused Content This is among the major drawbacks present in the content marketing strategy. Readers explore that the content is not focused and they are not able to receive relevant information on desired product or services. Companies hire content writers or blog writers, or SEO writers to bridge the gap between the goals, concerns, preferences of company and end users requirement. Laying down Content Marketing Soon Online marketing tools take their own time. It always takes time to build and nourish the relationship with the readers and users. Expecting that the blog writing, newsletters, or updating articles will bring instant result is not possible at all. Companies have to work and maintain patience to get rewarded. About the Author: Silvi Pasricha is a freelancer content and copy writer. She offers complete content writing services under one roof. She has a wide spectrum of knowledge and experience in designing and creating generic or SEO website and web page content, marketing collaterals and marketing communication, etc. To know more about her writing skills visit .docsuppliers.com Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Writing-and-Speaking 相关的主题文章: