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Business Blogs began with the most non-.mercial and benign intentions. Today, however, a blog is an integral aspect of online marketing. Even the boundary between personal and professional blogs has grown highly blurred, with a lot of personal blogs featuring AdSense, affiliate links, product reviews and giveaways. If you are already an avid blogger with a large following, it should not take you long to start earning using it. Here is what you can do – 1. Place ads on your blog. If you review books, movies, music or any other products often, add in an AdSense button. This generates ads that are directly related to the content of your blog, giving people information about products they may be interested in. 2. Affiliate marketing. For intervention that is more direct than letting ads be seen on your page, you can personally add affiliate links to specific items. Affiliate links give you a fixed sum for every time a visitor takes a predetermined action on the ad – either purchasing or simply clicking on it. Amazon is one of the most popular web merchant sites to have an affiliate marketing program, and is very useful since you get practically everything there. 3. Use your networking skills professionally. Apart from your day job, you could advertise your services online, by social networking methods. This can help you generate freelance in.e apart from your day job. Writer, musicians, designers and software professionals are very likely to make a tidy sum through these methods. These are the three ways in which you can generate money off your blog – until you be.e famous enough to make money simply by telling people how you make money, a la the famous John Chow. While monetizing your blog, here are some tips to keep you from straying into hackneyed .mercialism. 1. STAY REAL. Do not overhype. Do not act like the over-dramatic anchor in that show from the 1990s. Do not re.mend something you don’t like. By being honest, you are much more likely to generate your readers’ trust. Re.mend things – including your services – only as far as you can re.mend honestly. Also, do not expect improbable growth curves for your online in.e – the improbable growth curve will hit your waist soon enough, though, if you aren’t careful. 2. Stick to your goals. Yes, celebrities do tweet about their personal lives. However, not all do. Tweeting like Imogen Heap or Ashton Kutcher won’t make you as famous as they are. On the other hand, we all know what all work and no play did to Jack. Talk about your personal life by all means, but keep your social networking focused on your running theme and your business. 3. Be disciplined. This is something people learn only with time. Freelancing is no walk in the park, so get ready to multitask and juggle your way between family, friends and work for the first year! More and more people are turning to the Internet for money as the typical job scenarios fail. By using this vast network creatively, it is possible to generate an excellent in.e – all while sitting at home in your pyjamas. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: