The Twlight Craze In Jewelry-残清1864

Arts-and-Entertainment Teens and tweens across America express their love for the twilight saga series by wearing charms, rings, T-shirts, and carrying backpacks. Many charms focus on the teenage co-ed love for the character in the movie Edward, the handsome and charming vampire. Young women may where a "Team Edward" charm on their wrists or they may simply wear heart charms. They may combine the hearts what hand carved wooden wolf charm, a representation of the movies second hunk, the strong and protective Jacob. In addition to charms that show love for Edward and Jacob, fans may find charms to show their school spirit for Forks High School. One charm depics "FHS." Why where a charm for your own high school when you can support Forks High instead? Along with the fork high charm, add a Sequoia tree to remind you of its location in the Pacific Northwest. Picture yourself camping among those trees. Just pay close attention to the sounds of the forest at night. You never know what forces may invade it. Or focus instead on the relationship between Bella and Edward. You can find a charm that depicts their honeymoon location with a representation of the island hut where they honeymooned. You can even get a charm depicting the product of that honeymoon — thier half vampire baby. The most beautiful jewelry depiction of the relationship between Bella and Edward it is likely the reproduction rings, Bella’s engagement ring and Bella’s wedding ring. Vendors on the Internet have created ratings like those described in the twilight series books. True to the book, one comes in gold tones. To fit with more current styles and preferences, a number of rings come in sterling silver. All rings have a lot of "bling," with a lot of sparkle and retro charm. The rings are priced very affordably and our great conversation starters in any school setting. You will be pleased with this purchase. It is a great gift for the twilight fan and that twilight fan may be your self. Add it to a collection of twilight charms–all the better! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: