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Fashion-Style Looking smart but staying stylish can often be a difficult task when youre trying to figure out whats appropriate for the workplace, you need to not only be elegant and wear something appropriate but you also want to be .fortable. There are certain pieces of clothing you should always have in your wardrobe for the office, but there are also other items that youll be able to team with your staple clothing to create a different look. Here is a guide to dressing for the workplace and how you can add your own touch to those staple items. A staple for any womans workwear wardrobe, a pair of .fortable and versatile formal trousers are a must. Youre probably best having a few pairs of different styles in your wardrobe in black and grey; theyll work with knitwear, blouses and casual tops and are a failsafe option for the office. When buying some new work trousers, try and think what shoes youll usually wear them with and buy the right length so that they fit well. Of course, tailoring is made for the office and if you like to feel smart and make an impression then a simple yet sophisticated womens trouser suit is key to your look. Choose one that will work with different tops and blouses like grey or black, while a thin pinstripe one will be rather flattering on a fuller figure. Instead of trousers, why not go for an elegant tailored skirt suit? Itll give you a more feminine style while still looking smart. If youd prefer something even more feminine and arent a fan of the tailored look then a smart dress or a skirt will work well while still being stylish, and if youre lucky enough to be able to dress down a little bit a floral print will really brighten up your look. You cant go wrong with a little black dress for the office; team with a simple knitted cardigan and a pair of court shoes to add a smarter touch. Avoid anything too low cut or tight when choosing a top; for a sophisticated work look go for something quite plain and youll find that it works much better than a top with too much detail. Short sleeved shirts and blouses are always a safe bet, while simple cotton tops, knitted cardigans and jumpers are so easy to wear. When it .es to choosing shoes for the office then you need to consider colour, heel height and style, while all the time thinking about .fort. Youll be wearing your work shoes all day and may even be walking to work in them, so its important that you think about .fort and fit when buying. You cant go wrong with a pair of simple black court shoes with a mid-heel height, while many women love to wear sky-high heels with their suits. If youre not a fan of heels then some flat pumps or loafers will work well and are so easy to dress up or down. If youre a bit conscious that your office outfit is a bit too plain then bring it to life with some accessories. A waist-clinching belt will accentuate your shape and transform a dress; a brooch will add a fashionable touch to a plain top, while some simple jewellery will bring an elegant style to tailored look. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: