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Home-and-Family Every year your family takes a vacation; and this year, you have decided to take the entire family camping. This can be a fun way to bond with your children and your spouse. From canoeing and kayaking, to hiking and telling scary campfire stories, you can ensure this trip is one your family will enjoy and remember for years to .e. If you have never been camping as a family, the prospect can be intimidating. Do not let this put an end to your trip before it’s even begun! Follow a few simple tips and tricks and your loved ones will enjoy the great outdoors! Research Different Campgrounds: This is important, especially for your first family camping experience. Even if you and your spouse have been camping before, going with children is an entirely different experience. Look through a camping directory and find a spot that is reasonably close to civilization. Try to find a site that has a camp director; that way, someone will be nearby to help in case of an emergency. Make Reservations: Popular campsites and residential camps especially ones with special activities and considerations for children will fill up quickly. Secure your spot far in advance and ask about cancellation policies and refunds. Make sure to leave your phone number, in case the campground needs to reach you prior to your stay. Test Your Camping Gear: This is especially important when purchasing new items such as tents and lanterns. Do not assume everything will work effectively for your family straight out of the package. Practice setting up the tent in your backyard for a trial run. Turn on the lanterns and see how much light they provide. Take a nap in your new sleeping bag to make sure it is .fortable. Be Aware of the Weather: It’s likely your children will not be interested in huddling in a tent while severe weather rages around them. If the weather looks like it will be inclement, cancel your trip. It may be disappointing at the time, but the decision will be worthwhile in the long run. Explore the Campsite When You Arrive: Plan to arrive at the campsite early enough to explore while it’s still light out. If you arrive at night, it will be more difficult to understand the layout of the site. Locate the restrooms and garbage receptacles; meet those camping near you; and keep an eye out for any exposed tree roots or other natural elements that could trip you during a late night visit to the restroom. Pay Attention to Your Food: Be careful where you place your food. Secure any coolers with a large tree branch or rock on top to keep out animals. Explain this to younger members of your camping party. Discourage them from munching in their tent as it will attract small animals and bugs. Remind everyone they are sharing the area with wildlife. Respecting the animals that live there means your trip will be a pleasant one. Be Careful About Tent Placement: Try to put your tent on high ground and far enough from the campfire that stray sparks will not catch it on fire. Look for level ground to keep any sharp objects or hills from making your sleep un.fortable. If it rains, make sure the rain flows downhill from your campsite as well. Pack Up and Clean Up Before You Leave: Make sure you extinguish your campfire and dispose of trash properly. If your gear got wet, pack it into a paper or plastic bag and unroll it when you get home. This will stop any mold or mildew from growing. Dont to have fun during your camping trip! Take time to bond with your children and teach them how to respect the world around them. Family camping trips may not be the flashiest vacations, but they can evolve into special getaways that your family will always remember. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: