Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage-helmet怎么读

Comprehensive auto insurance covers damages to your insured vehicle resulted by some specific events other than a car accident. It is most beneficial for all drivers because it includes various situations which are excluded from the collision insurance. In case, your car is parked near a construction site and if your vehicle incur damage from associated debris, then comprehensive insurance would most likely to pay for it. It is strictly not apply to accidents and hence, it wont pay for repairs if car is damaged due to an accident. This coverage normally includes: Theft, burglary, riots and strikes Hurricane, flood, cyclones, storm, typhoon Terrorism, Malicious acts Floods and earthquake Accident, Fire or Theft Transit by rail, road, watercraft, elevator, air etc Towing charges incurred after an accident Explosion, lightning, self-ignition The comprehensive insurance coverage excludes the damage or loss caused because of: At the time of accident, driver under the influence of alcohol Damage to the tires unless the auto is also damaged Vehicle being driven by a person without a valid driving license Wear and tear / mechanical breakdown In India, auto insurance is mandatory by law but this type of auto insurance is not compulsory. But, still it is a good idea to buy this coverage for your vehicle. Generally, the importance of this coverage depends on the value of your car. This insurance product is most suitable for those who are driving financed or leased car as it secures the lenders investment or car owner. The price of online comprehensive coverage is mainly based on the deductible amount. Decreasing the deductible can increase premiums by certain percent. The rate of comprehensive coverage is also varies according to the type of car you want to insure. A model which has high repair costs or high number of claims will result in a higher premium. Vehicles with more number of safety features such as anti-theft protection may help you to save some bucks. Apart from these two factors, the cost of this auto insurance type is driven by factors like the drivers age, experience of the driver, the area where the car will be driven, the estimated annual mileage and car value. An insurance deductible is completely depended on the customers requests at the start of the policy. In any state, comprehensive coverage is not compulsory but it is highly recommended if car is more expensive. Comprehensive coverage pays the cost of damages which results/occurs due to a non-collision incident. It does not offer protection against damage caused general road use. The comprehensive auto insurance is designed to secure the car value from accidental damage. It is worth protecting if the value of the car is high. To know more about comprehensive auto insurance, just check with your insurance agent or respective insurance company and ensure that your car is completely protected. In case you are planning to buy auto insurance online, then first get quotes from different insurance companies in India. Compare them with each other in term of cost, features and benefits etc to make sure that youll buy the plan which you need the most. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: