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Background Screening Trends In Insurance Industry Posted By: Naman Vohra In Insurance industry, there are a lot of things to protect from the integrity of the company to protecting the sensitive and personal information of the policy holders. Considering the fact that the insurance industry deals with a lot of confidential information, most of these insurance companies are very well-regulated and very much concerned about compliance with government regulations. Therefore, it is very necessary to conduct background verification on insurance professionals as it helps to investigate claims more effectively, to detect potential signs of fraud and reduce potential financial loss. There are many instances of insurance fraud committed by insurance professionals that calls the importance of hiring loyal employees in this sector. Poor hiring decisions can have a negative impact on the insurance sector as incidents such as fraud, misconduct or theft of sensitive information is likely to committed by the employees. Insurance companies are therefore, should be deeply focused on protecting the reputation of the company and the professionals representing the company so that people can rely on the company. Considering all these circumstances, insurance industry has to be hyper vigilant in their compliance and hiring efforts.

Background Screening How To Track An Effective Leadership Screening Process Posted By: Naman Vohra Leaders are the most highly-visible people within an organisation as they are the people who regularly represent the organisation in media outlets. Employees at higher hierarchical levels are given a greater level of authority, power and access to classified information so that they can utilise it in furthering the interests of the company. Therefore, hiring an executive is a major decision that presents an opportunity and great risk. Unlike traditional positions, executive positions generally require special treatment""especially in regards to compensation. It is vital to make sure you are making the correct hire, which can sometimes be difficult because candidates often overstate qualifications and embellish their experience and results. Witnessing all the risks associated with hiring a wrong leader, some companies have come up with the concept of leadership screening. Executive Screening is a program designed for top management in an organisation which needs to be screened with greater thoroughness. Executive screening of senior leaders goes beyond the regular background check process and it includes additional checks apart from the regular checks conducted on the other employees.

Executive screening Make Criminality Check A Part Of Background Check Posted By: Naman Vohra Employee Background check is the best mitigation tool which is carried out to shield the organisation against future workforce related risks and uncertainties. An increased number of organisations across the world have made it a practice to conduct employee background check to ensure on-boarding of right employees. In order to ease out the process of background screening most of the organisations outsource the process of employee background check to third party employee background verification companies. This saves valuable time, resources and effort which would have been otherwise required from the organisation’s end. Outsourcing the task of employee background check to a third party background check company is always helpful to get an unbiased insight and report pertaining to an employee. Background verification companies provide with a report after completion of a series of meticulous checks conducted on the prospective employee. These checks are capable of bringing out any kind of discrepancies found between the antecedents stated and the information found after the completion of checks. With these information about the prospective employee beforehand, an organisation can take an informed hiring decision.

background screening Conduct Executive Screening To Avoid Unpleasant Surprises Posted By: Naman Vohra CEOs in any organisation have vast amount of power and long-term impact on the organisation. Therefore hiring a wrong leader for an organisation is like risking irreparable damage to company’s reputation, operations, culture and performance. CEO-level candidates have long and often very public histories and therefore it is hard to fully comprehend the amount of organisational disruption and reputational harm that occur when a person with wrong intention joins as a CEO. Yet there are companies which are putting the reputation and success of the entire business at risk by not carrying out suitable levels of due diligence on the prospective leaders who pose a significantly greater threat than the freshers. Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson’s CV embellishment is a striking example of deep flaws in the way CEOs and candidates for other high-level C-suite jobs are hired. This is the best example why there should be a more comprehensive overhaul of the vetting of candidates for C-suite positions. These circumstances calls the importance of background screening which should look into each and every aspect of a candidate’s background. Is there a feasible solution which can safeguard organisations from the threat of senior level fraud?

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background screening Ensure Right Hire Thorugh Education Verification Posted By: Naman Vohra In a market where finding a job is a tough thing, people are resorting to unfair means like ‘misrepresentation of facts’ in order to appear more attractive to the recruiters. While some of these actions are fairly obvious to the recruiters, not all falsifications will be easy to find out until the background check takes place. Background check is the valuable tool for selecting right candidate and if it is used consistently and effectively, this simple step can eliminate many future hazards for the company. Candidates fudging their education details is a common attempt among candidates in order to bag a lucrative job. There are cases when candidates hide gap in their education or at times they claim to own degrees from fake universities. A candidate’s educational qualification holds importance because it highlights the credibility and ‘fitment’ of a candidate to a particular role. If a candidate forges his educational certificates it reflects the lack of knowledge possessed. Besides all these facts, faking education details is an illegal activity. In background screening process, education verification is one of the most important check as employers judge the potential prospect of the employees on the basis of education and learning.

background screening Conduct Background Screening Of A Leader Differently Posted By: Naman Vohra Senior Leaders hold the most critical position in an organisation as they are the ones who decide the future of the organisation by making strategic decisions. They are responsible for driving the organisation towards growth by managing other resources of an organisation including the workforce. Therefore, it is necessary to select leaders with required intellect and expertise for the top management. Leaders should have an inclination towards honesty and integrity so that they can build up a positive environment in the organisation. What if there is a dishonest leader in the top management of a company? There are many cases of high-profile corporate frauds wherein senior leaders of reputed organisations involved in serious fraud like money laundering, theft of sensitive information etc. These incidents victimise the organisation not only in monetary terms but also in terms of brand image. Therefore, background screening of a senior leader is of utmost importance. As these positions are very important positions of an organisation, so one cannot conduct background check at a generic level. There should be a dedicated and focused screening process which is designed to identify the key information about the candidate.

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background screening Hire Right With Customised Screening Posted By: Naman Vohra Employees are one of the most important constituents of an organization and therefore it is important for an organisation to hire quality workforce. In order to hire quality workforce there should be an efficient and effective recruitment process in place. Adequate information about the prospective hire is the key to identify the right employee. Employee background screening is a tool which can bring out the background information of a prospective employee. Realising its importance, most of the companies worldwide have taken the process of background screening very seriously. Background verification of an employee comprises of a gamut of checks which brings out various aspects of a prospective employee’s background that helps the organisation in taking an informed hiring decision. It has been noticed that background screening checks opted by various companies differs as per their need. As every industry is different from each other, their requirement of talent also differs. For instance, types and number of checks opted by a retail company would differ from checks opted by an Insurance company. The checks required for a particular company should be more relevant and associated with the specific industry needs.

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background screening Background Screening Trends In Retail Industry Posted By: Naman Vohra In retail industry retailers purchase products in large quantities from manufacturers or wholesalers and sell to the consumer in smaller quantities for a profit. From the selling floor to the stock room and warehouse, retail employees should meet high standards of loyalty, performance, and credibility. Hence, competent and qualified employees are essential for the delivery of customer service necessary for success of the industry. This calls the importance of hiring loyal employees. Poor hiring decisions most certainly have a negative impact on sales, and in many cases result in theft or misconduct. Fraud and theft initiated by employees continue to cost retailers in millions which has become the main concern of the retail industry. With employee theft continuing as the largest contributor to a retail company’s annual loss, how can a retailer find employees who will be an asset rather than a detriment to their organization? Hiring of quality workforce with the enhancement in hiring processes is one the good answers to this very challenge faced by the retail industry.

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.www.articlesnatch.com/blog/What-To-Check-While-Conducting-Executive-Screening/6541905 5 Benefits Of Background Check In Maintaining Organisation’s Reputation Posted By: Naman Vohra Background screening has become a standard process across the globe which has emerged as an effective tool to curb the risk of wrong hiring. Impressed with the benefits employee background check has got to offer, more and more companies have joined the bandwagon. Employee background check offers a wide scope of positives and also contributes in creating a roadmap for organisational success which results in maintaining the organisation’s reputation. Below listed are ways through which BGV helps in maintaining organisation’s reputation. Helps in increasing the security of organisational assets- With a proper background screening in place the likelihood of certain risks like corporate theft and espionage can be regulated to a large extent. This exercise as a result helps in tracking the entry of employees, who do not harbour motives of jeopardising with organisation’s reputation. Helps in the promotion of safety- Safety at workplace is highly important, else the entire organisations environment gets hampered. Employee background check helps to look into the past of the potential employee and identify red flags of criminal history, which helps in maintaining a highly ethical and safe environment within.

background screening Relation Of The Right Cxo Hire With Investor Confidence Posted By: Naman Vohra An organization typically constitutes of various hierarchical levels, with each level having its own importance. This makes it pertinent for the company to make the hire at the leadership position keeping in mind the unique requirements of the job role of that very function. Nevertheless, executives at the top of the ladder are considered the holder of most important roles. Companies are seen to rely extensively on the top and senior management for strategizing and planning in order to reach the business goals. This very fact also results in heavy losses for the companies in case the honcho decides to take the illegal route to further his/her personal interests at the cost of the organisation’s interests In the month of July this year, ArthoCare Corp., a reputed surgical device company based out of Texas, suffered from the most dreaded losses after its top executives defrauded the company’s investors for their personal gains. Allegedly, the former CEO Michael Gluk and the CFO Michael Baker planned out a scheme of worth $400 million which involved falsely inflating the company’s earnings. The top executives arranged for sham shipments to distributors so that they could meet the quarter end sales targets.

background screening Compensate Highly To The Right Leader Posted By: Naman Vohra Who or what does an organisation depend on for success? Generally, it is the leaders on which the organization success is dependent on. Fairly so. Leaders are that one entity in an organisational mechanism which is responsible for looking into each and every aspect, strategizing every move, guiding the subordinates and also keeping them charged up to achieve in their own small domain so that it could lead to a wholesome win. With that realisation in mind, organisation try to make their best efforts to bring in the right leader in the organisation who is aware of the aforementioned expectations and is capable of keeping such promises. And organisations are doing a number of things to make sure that they get the good ones! As would be agreed by many companies worldwide, paying a grand annual remuneration is one sweared-by way of attracting the best talent. Organisations are ready to invest a lot in attaining leaders that can bring in changes critical for business success. On the flip-side of all those responsibilities and expectations, cases of frauds by heads is becoming increasingly common to hear about.

background screening Employment Discrepancies Impacting India Inc. Posted By: Naman Vohra Companies which have already made it a point to conduct employee background check on the new hires would have noticed a pattern in the revealed discrepancies. Background check companies in India have also made the effort of looking into the discrepancy trends in the country. One of the leading background verification companies has shared the outcome of the research. As per the research, which is based on the wide experience of working myriad companies across industries, about 18% of all background screening cases suffer from discrepancies. This is quite a startling aggregate as 18% is quite a big number and should be taken note of. Further observations revealed that the major contribution in the overall discrepancy is made in the employment background. In other words, employment check brings out the maximum number of deviations from the actual information. The contributions have been found to be to the tune of 61%, an extremely high number. The other major contributors, in the order of prominence, are address checks, reference checks and education checks. Even within employment checks, there are some particular discrepancies that happen to be contributing to the discrepancies.

background screening Discrepancy Trends In The It Industry Posted By: Naman Vohra Information technology industry has come a long way. A more than a decade old, the IT industry has grown tremendously in the last couple of years with an increasing number of graduation engineers and job aspirants looking towards this sector for an opportunity. Many would agree that not only is there a lot of scope for professional growth, but even the high salaries and good facilities are typical in the IT industry. The IT boom has witnessed a large pool of aspirants of which some are the ‘deserving lot’, some are persons with genuine but less-impressive credentials, and some are persons with a bit falsified qualifications. With people going to the lengths of faking education qualifications, work experience, address, and giving out incorrect or fake references. This has made hiring process an ineffective procedure that had its effect also on data security and workplace decorum, as well as heightened employee risks and hiring costs for organizations. The discrepancies were getting too large to get ignored. Background screening was one tool that was deployed by many IT companies to strengthen their hiring process.

background screening Employ The Right Leader For Business Success Posted By: Naman Vohra Organizations certainly plan out and strategize in order to attain the goals in an efficient and effective manner. But who all are involved in those strategy discussions? How does a company go about the execution part? It is the department heads and other senior employees who not only plan but also ensure proper execution of the strategies. They oversee all the action, review and approve of all the proceedings, as well as guide their subordinates in case of any problem so that all the departments can work towards the goal in harmony. This tells how important leaders are for the organization. Top management is said to be the brain of any organization. Whatever the management plans out, it needs to be executed by rest of the body parts or organizational departments. Even the other heads and managers are important as they are the ones who ensure that everything is going smoothly and as per the plan. With their high capabilities, long and impressive work experience and in-depth knowledge and expertise, they prove to be an expensive hire.

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