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Business It’s a not too closely-held secret that securing a mentor for your Internet business, (or any business for that matter!) is a very wise thing to do. Those who have the mindset from the beginning that there is quite possibly something they don’t know are very likely to benefit from the wisdom and real-world business savvy that a qualified mentor can provide. That said, there are several things to bear in mind when choosing mentors. Here is a quick look into how to find, qualify and decide which mentor is right for you. First, do some research in your market, and find out who the big dawgs are. This doesn’t mean that these people are looking to mentor anyone, but it gives you a real sense of who’s a player and who isn’t. This can be useful down the road when you’re trying to qualify someone. A person who claims expertise but is not known at all in that market’s .munity should be viewed with some skepticism. They may well be trying to stay under the radar, but if they are .pletely unknown, proceed cautiously. Forums are a good place to get involved in your market, and to judge the types of people who do business there. Once you’ve established rapport with some of these people, searches like this be.e rather easy. You get some good guidance from someone who is not only successful, but seems to have a desire to share what they know. You may have found someone. If you are going after someone who is more well-known, just be aware that this is trickier, and could take a lot more time and persistence to bear any sort of fruit. These people didn’t get where they are by spending their days hanging out on forums, asking and answering questions (at least, not for long!) They are action takers, and this is where you’ll find them. Not surprisingly, many contacts of this sort are made at live events, where you can corner someone and pick their brain over dinner. This alone is a great reason to attend live events several times a year. Once you find someone, try not only to not be a bother, but to offer some value in return. You may be thinking, what can I possibly offer this seven-figures-a-year guru that he doesn’t already have? You may well be surprised. You don’t really have any idea what they need, and you may just be in possession of the market contacts or list they are looking for. Since mentoring is usually an unpaid arrangement (otherwise it would be "coaching"), this is an important consideration. Always bring or offer something of value in return. Finding the right mentor early on in your Inter. business life can be the difference between success and failure, and can certainly shave off several years of the process. Just make sure to take your time, and try and discern just what you’re seeking form this individual, and whether or not they can deliver it! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: