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.munications In spite of all the technology changes like the advent of mobile phone for example, voice phone continues to rule the roost. There are so many features that make them indispensable and that is the reason why businesses continue to keep them even though mobile phones give better mobility. Did you know that plain ignorance is the reason why many of us dont use these features? Here are some features that can make calling and receiving calls easier than what it is now. Once you get used to them, may be after a little practice, you can begin experimenting and find newer uses. The irony is phone .panies seldom give much information about them, leave alone giving wider publicity. One of finest features that are seldom used is 3-way calling or conferencing as some would like to call. The main advantage is you can speak as a group of three people and that is how it derives its name conferencing. The single most benefit is you dont have to call, disconnect, and again call when you are the .mon point of contract between two strangers. It will help you most when you are kind of broking deals. Here is how this feature is accessed on your telephone. Things may be a little different in some phones. Check the documentation or manual you got along with the phone connection if you are unable to use the feature. Call your first contact as you normally would and notifying him about your intention to bring another person into this conversation. Once the person at the other end has agreed to your request, tap the disconnect button (dont press and hold down; that will lead to terminating the call) or if your phone has a Flash or Link Key, most phones have these days, press once to ensure that the first person you called is on hold. When you hear the dial tone, call the second person notify him of your intention and press Flash/Link and now the three of you can converse. In a world of severe .petition missing a single call can sometimes cost you dearly. Contracts worth thousands or even millions will be lost all for failing to attend a call from someone so important. There are some calls that you can attend to at leisure like talking to your son or daughter studying in a college in a distant town. Typically where call waiting feature is available you will be notified by peculiar beeps from within the ear piece with the callers number showing. If you think it is important enough then all that you have to do is press the Flash/Link button to establish with the new caller. You may choose to discard the original caller if you want, and if necessary establish a conference call. Although not provided as a standard feature, Busy Redial is something that you should have if you need to make urgent calls. Human memory is very weak and forgetfulness .e with a heavy price lost opportunities, money lost in emergency are some of the .monest consequences. Call you telephone .pany if it did not .e with your original order for home phone. Once in place, to use this feature all that you have to do after you hear a busy tone is replace the receiver. But understand that your phone will be working behind the scene to check if the number you dialed is free. Once free you will be notified by a distinct ring tone. To establish the call all that you need to do is lift the receiver and enjoy speaking. There are scores of other features you may have been missing all along. Read your phone manual and activate them. They are made for you, that dont About the Author: 相关的主题文章: