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Travel-and-Leisure Choosing the right accommodations for your family Alpine holiday can be tricky but whether youre going for a catered chalet or a self-catered one, its always a matter of choosing the right resort in the first place! A catered chalet is often the best option for bigger families as it allows you the freedom of a proper holiday for the entire family, without parents having to think of everyday matters such as breakfast, dinner and cleanup. Add a reputable nanny service for the younger children, or perhaps a crche that offers them interesting daily activities, and youre all set! That said, just which resorts do have the right environment for bringing children along? One of the best places to book a catered chalet when you have the family in tow is La Tania. Here are a just few reasons it is considered one of the most child-friendly resorts in the Alps. Child Friendly Tourist Office Cleverly, La Tania embraces its role as a chic holiday spot, but also maintains a well-deserved reputation as being child-friendly. The local tourist office has, in fact, made a conscious effort to focus on children needs and they are happy to provide suggestions and references for additional help minding the children back at your catered chalet. But they have also gone one step further not only can they give you a list of numbers for babysitters, they also organize events for children (and their adult companions) such as sports contests and tournaments. Activities like comic strips, photography, drawing, flower bouquets, obstacle courses and many more are available just pick up a leaflet showing all the activities available during your particular week at the tourist office. Ski Schools, Nurseries and Kindergarten Chances are, most of the time you wont want to be leaving the kids back at your catered chalet and you wont need to! The resort has nurseries, a kindergarten and other institutions that will keep the children entertained and happy. One of the best ones is the French-run La Maison des infants, or Kindergarten La Tania. Manned by qualified and educated Metro youth leaders (who are often multi-lingual), this kindergarten is open everyday except on Saturdays and Sundays. Ski schools catering to even the very young are also plentiful in the area, many with multilingual and expert instructors for children. There are also many other activities that will appeal to children as well as grown-ups who are supervising them. These include roller blading, grass scooters, swimming and more! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: