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Real-Estate When a social media professional Arun Sharma postponed his real estate investment plan two years back, he would have never thought that he could make up his mind to invest in the realty market once again in the near future. The market was quite steep and he had to cough up huge sums of money to get his dream home. Investing in Delhi was almost impossible for him and even options available in NCR region was beyond his budget. In the meantime, instead of charging a mammoth price for different housing projects, developers started offering discounts. Almost in all schemes, consumers are being lured with attractive concessions, rebates, discounts and gifts. This situation may not persist all the time. But the prevailing market price has impressed investors like Arun Sharma, who was waiting for this opportune moment since long back. Prices have almost .e down 10 to 20% in this period. For a two bedroom state of the art house, the rate of Rs 4,000 per square foot is almost available in the entire NCR region. But to get the same facilities in your dream house in the past, you had to pay a heavy price. This is a big plus and it needs to be cashed. Acknowledging this lucrative opportunity, buyers are even ready to invest in their second homes. In the current situation, even builders and developers do understand the importance of negotiating better deals. Rather than concentrating on what they get in return, they have also started to understand the need of what they offer to realty buyers. Aruns friend Lakshya Kapoor had latched on to the opportunity recently and has bought a wonderful house in Gurgaon. In the entire NCR region, if Gurgaon has emerged as the most favorite destination among home buyers, it is only because the city is splashed with the projects run by top real estate .panies in India . They believe in offering customized products. Rather than offering old styled homes to all customers, real estate developers in Gurgaon do understand the importance of offering need based homes with all the latest facilities. All real estate developers in India may not be operating from Gurgaon only, but they are directly or indirectly engaged in some projects here to cash in the burgeoning market of the realty sector of this millennium city. Offering discounts on close to finishing inventory, is helping developers to continuously get customers who are eventually aiding in regular cash flow. Assuming this trend to continue in future as well, it can be safely presumed that the realty sector in Gurgaon has once again given ample opportunity to home buyers who have been waiting for discounts and concessions to realize their dream. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: