Yingli won over 2 billion yuan of new loan funds led by CDB-海思k3v2

Yingli received over 2 billion yuan of new loans funded by CDB led Securities Times News Network () 02 Sept. 02 news in February 2nd, according to the new financial news, Caixin exclusive, Yingli group approved new loans more than 2 billion yuan of bank, to alleviate the enormous financial pressure current. According to sources, the funds by CDB led, for years before the release, "let Yingli staff have a good year". It is reported that Yingli won the bank "blood transfusion", it is the financial creditors committee "support" Yingli results. Informed sources, all parties believe that Yingli’s main asset is high quality, debt pressure caused by the previous investment mistakes. The "transfusion" is intended to use space for time, so that enterprises continue to maintain, for the subsequent restructuring won time. Yingli, one of China’s largest photovoltaic component makers, has been in debt for many years. The company has been losing money since 2011, the current asset liability ratio has exceeded 100%, the first three quarters of 2015, losses of more than 500 million yuan, an increase of 310%. The bigger the shipments, the bigger the cash flow, and Yingli is forced to shrink its size. In 2014, Yingli gave the first place in global shipments for two consecutive years to Trina Solar. (Securities Times Network News Center) into Sina Finance shares bar discussion

英利获超20亿元新增贷款 资金由国开行牵头   证券时报网()02月02日讯   2月2日,据财新消息,财新独家获悉,英利集团获批银行超过20亿元的新增贷款,以缓解当前巨大的财务压力。 消息人士透露,该笔资金由国开行牵头,争取年前发放,“让英利员工过个好年”。   据悉,此次英利获得银行“输血”,正是金融债权人委员会“帮扶”英利的结果。知情人士介绍,各方都认为英利主营资产是优质的,债务压力多由前期投资失误造成。此次“输血”意在用空间换时间,让企业继续维持下去,为后续重组赢得时间。   作为中国最大的光伏组件制造商之一,英利已陷入债务危机多年。公司自2011年以来一直处于亏损状态,当前的资产负债率已经超过100%,2015年前三季度,亏损额超过5亿元,同比增长310%。出货量越大,占用现金流越大,英利被迫收缩了自己的规模。2014年,英利将连续两年全球出货量第一的位置让给了天合光能。   (证券时报网快讯中心) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: