Wu Lei being nominated is definitely Omar’s big win in the end (video)-瀬名アスカ

Wu Lei: nominated is a sure winner Omar hope [information] Wu Leicheng Asian footballer and "Messi bay" candidate for the best sports Tencent in Kunming in November 9th (the Zhao Yu) is the national team training camp Wu Lei learned that he was nominated for the Asian Footballer of the year, also feel a bit surprised, he felt in the second half of the national team and AFC Champions League performance more than half less than the others, "but can be nominated is a kind of affirmation to me, then I have also encouraged better play." Wu Lei was nominated by the Asian Footballer of the year for the national team last night and he just finished teaching the game. Wu Lei is also in the evening that he was officially nominated AFC Asian football player, he was nominated along with the United Arab Emirates, as well as the Iraqi striker Hamadi. "I just got the news that I could have been nominated. I was really surprised. I didn’t even think about it." When it comes to the nomination of Asian football players, Wu Lei told Tencent sports reporter. Wu Lei said that in the first half of AFC Champions League and their national team still can, "compared with the first half, the second half of the performance is not very good, so can the final selected or quite unexpected." Wu Lei was able to be nominated for the Asian Footballer of the year, with his excellent performance in the league has a direct relationship, he has been the best striker for four years. Also in the first half of the national team, Wu Lei scored a crucial goal in the world cup with Qatar’s forty season, helping Chinese team qualify for the top twelve race. Mentor Xu Genbao in the super ceremony also hope to Wu Lei more confident, if my chances are stronger, so have the opportunity to impact the Super League top scorer. "Xu guidance to me every word I have in mind, he knows me very well. This is also nominated for me is a spur, encourage, let me work harder in the national team, AFC Champions League and super game, strive to make greater achievements." Wu Lei said he would certainly not meet the status quo, will certainly work toward a higher goal, whether it is the club or the national team, I hope I can do better than now." Although nominated, but Wu Lei himself is very humble, he thought to be nominated in fact is a kind of affirmation, "I feel the possibility of Omar eventually won the Asian Footballer of the larger, he at the club and the national team’s performance obvious to people."相关的主题文章: