Absolutely unexpected! Jiangxi is the two most blocking them-haywire

Absolutely unexpected! Jiangxi’s two city block is actually their result is some way, some way you set foot on the back, you can’t come, I know what is today, we will come too late for regrets… About how blocking traffic in Nanchang! Recently, the High German map released a list. Jiangxi city has two "gun", Nanchang (forty-sixth), Ganzhou (sixtieth), the ranking of a lot of users questioned, Ganzhou for what you busy, this is the first time in Ganzhou on the list. Many car owners in Nanchang, said, do not accept, saying that as long as the rain 8 km road, in Nanchang have to climb an hour. Bus group said "the whole car jam" plot happen every day in their own lives, work time is far more than 40 minutes, that is to say, the main reason is that the Nanchang blocking vehicles! Do not believe you can see 6 sections: the legendary Nanchang down down the block! 1, Bayi Avenue has become the main "block" as the main road, Bayi Avenue Road, many cars will almost turn back here to find the direction, can not go out here, it will certainly become the main way of "blocking". 2, Luoyang road tunnels like Luoyang road tunnel sausage not blocking the car, built the tunnel after blocking our traffic lights, this small section of the road was not less than 5 traffic lights, before driving with a note of eye drops. 3, Nanchang Tianyou drive can see the snail to ask how blocking a road? Taxi brother heard the road waving away, even the license plate can see. 4, the jar mouth under the overpass, the car walk is common, bus, bus station and other train public transportation station, mostly through the overpass jar mouth, it blocked the reason, if a wind and snow, the bus driver will be directly open the door and you said, "you go, do not go back. Compared with me soon." 5, Peng bridge could not return to the past only memories of previous Peng Jia Qiao neurology hospital in addition to famous, but also the reputation of the overpass. Today, Peng Jia Qiao overpass by name hue gate overpass has been removed, neurology hospital has taken a landmark, its presence was not, more narrow, more cars, we can only recall tucao. 6, to repair the railway section of Beijing East Road, Zhongshan Road, Bayi Square sections are in the subway station, what metal walls, water pipes, road potholes are likely to appear here, drive was injured and also a high probability event, here is the best can not drive can not drive, you must drive another car, fix.相关的主题文章: