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The secret history of ancient female Wu Song: Die – Anhui – exhaust channel core tips to save her husband after killing a tiger: the woman heart failure exhausted, but no one gave her drink soup minced. Other people come to save her, have huitianzhili. But a woman man! This article from the "Yangcheng Evening News" in 2016 08 03 August B04 edition, author: Liu Yongjia, the original title: "offbeat Wu Song" recently occurred in the tiger bites Beijing wild zoo in Badaling, killing one and injuring, deplorable, public opinion is also appeared some tiger voice, there seems to be people who want to when the tiger hero. Since ancient times, many tiger hero, we first thought is of course Wu Song, but unlike Wu Song offbeat tiger hero, also recorded many ancient books. Wu Song Wu Song has been to a female tiger shock, do not know the history of a female man, the tiger is not ambiguous, startled straight buddies in. According to the Qing Dynasty, "the ancient collection" set: Hebei Weixian County tigers, who seized the day, the sun, the more residents afraid to go out. A man at night, drunk, anxious, should open the door out of the toilet; the woman grabbed him not to let go, he may not go. Helpless, the woman had to take the rod iron gun with him behind the protection. At that time saw more than ten paces and hazy, there is a tiger mouth squat, waiting for him to stand on. This woman was afraid, but also no more, in order to save her husband, she was a gun into the past, the tiger be caught off guard had been stabbed in the chest and, through gills, blade from the left rib out. The tiger ran to the negative pain bolted, her husband fell. The woman thought the tiger is not dead, suddenly ran down the tiger heavy beat ten. Look at her husband, has already been passed out, she dragged him home. The neighbor was awakened, to help, to rescue the man a soup, gradually waking up, but we all forget to think of the woman. At this time, the woman heart failure exhausted, but no one gave her drink soup minced. Other people come to save her, have huitianzhili. But a woman man! Niu Wusong female tiger Wu Song sacrifice, marvel, and another Niu Wusong, is even more amazing. According to the Qing Qian Yong "Lu words of garden clump" contains: Shaanxi Prefecture of Hanzhoung Xixiang County, a tiger, not soldiers and wounding, hunters are not uniform. The county has a good catch tiger, is the old vertigo. The hunters and soldiers report to the county sent several times to please, the old man came out. The old man’s entrance, holding the iron whip, Shijiershang, suddenly when a tiger, was killed by a tiger. For a time, we did not advocate, jittery. As it happened, dozens of cows when Haruki family pets are grazing in the mountains. See this evil tiger attack, herd cattle are scared back. But there is a cow, was twenty odd long, alone for a long time, and look forward, the tiger suddenly saw the cow rushed to a corner of a stab, is wearing tiger throat, tiger is dead. The magistrate tiger award and the silver cattlemen, 50 prize two. The tiger, the odd chenkuai. One year later, the cattlemen, accidentally will bask in the tiger stone, the cow lying beside it. Wake up to see that the real tiger, but also struggling to a corner, the results of the force to do)相关的主题文章: