Mianyang juvenile money to fight the mother had to use an ax to coerce her mother (Figure) (video)-jcuv是什么车

Mianyang’s money not chasing the mother had used an axe to coerce mother (Figure) in September 22nd at 11 o’clock, Mianyang (micro-blog) chengmian Road, a rental, 14 year old money not because of wavelet, even for their mother strike violently! In desperation, the mother of the wavelet select alarm, when the police to reach the intersection of cotton road and sword Road, just to see the wavelet in pursuit of their mother. According to the mother wavelet is introduced, their home is three units, they work in a snack shop in town, with the wavelet transform in wavelet chengmian road renters, father long-term workers in the field. After dropping out of school, all day idle, no money spent on looking for a mother. This is the money, the mother gave him two hundred dollars, wavelet too, had hit the rental housing does not say, also called his fists. Wavelet mother told the police, this is not the most excessive. After dropping out of school, the first sum of money was used to buy an axe, and when he was in his three home, he took the ax and threatened himself. After hearing this, the police severely criticized the wavelet, and ordered him to apologize to his mother. Xiao Bian said: earned the first money to buy an ax, and used to coerce mother for money? Small really wavelet parents feel chilling, but if rectifies is a good boy. More than and 10 year old boy is in the rebellious period, parents must be correct guidance, otherwise the aftermath of infinity. (reporter: Du Changjun: fee Shuai correspondent Chen Jizhong) editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for extended reading: Guangxi killed jingfangxingju grandmother grandson of disobedience相关的主题文章: